16 Ornaments to Create Farmhouse Touch in an Office


Farmhouse design is not just for the kitchen or bedroom. A farmhouse office evokes warmth and comfort, a perfect combination to balance the seriousness of work. Even with the simplest layout, you can add unique décor elements to create a cozy and inviting farmhouse workspace.

What ornaments can you install to create a farmhouse look? Here are some ideas.


1. Freestanding Wooden Desk

A freestanding wooden desk gives both modern and traditional workspace vibes. You can choose a vintage desk from a flea market, repainted with your favorite color while retaining the distressed elements. You can also buy a new desk but with a veneered surface, showcasing the natural wood grains.

Vintage home office design ideas
To give a touch of a farmhouse in your workspace using a freestanding desk is the right idea. Use a freestanding desk made of wood so it looks perfect.

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Vintage home office desk – matt and jentry home design with regard to old fashioned desk
Using a freestanding wooden desk to decorate a workspace is the right idea. Choosing a vintage table will give a touch of farmhouse in your workspace.

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Office reception desks northern ireland office reception desks pertaining to vintage home office intended for your own home
Workspace decoration with a freestanding wooden desk will give the perfect farmhouse touch so it feels warmer.

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2. Rustic Storage Spaces

Use rustic elements as the storage spaces to create a farmhouse office. Metal wire baskets are great to store stationery or work tools. Simple wooden shelves are useful for small home offices, giving you extra storage spaces on the wall. For even a more rustic look, use repurposed wooden boards and let their distressed surfaces adorn your farmhouse office.

Wire basket located on the work table will give a simple rustic touch to your workspace. Add wooden racks so that they look more perfect.

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Vertical storage will further save your work space. Use wire baskets that hang on the wall so that it will give the farmhouse touch a touch and still save space.
Floating wooden shelves for your work space storage ideas will give you the perfect farmhouse touch.

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3. Vintage-style Lamps

Vintage lamps will make your office look more interesting. A vintage pendant lamp with metal shade or lantern-style light makes a great lighting source. Flea markets or secondhand good markets sell table lamps from repurposed objects, such as glass or wicker bottles. You can find these lamps to adorn your workplace.

To give a touch of farmhouse in your workspace using pendant lamps is the right idea so it looks more antique.
Using a black chandelier will enhance the decoration of your farmhouse workspace, making it easier for you to work.

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A simple farmhouse workspace using pendant light for lighting ideas looks simple but still perfect.

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4. Antique Clock

Most of us may use phones to check the time. However, adding an antique clock in your workplace will add a nice farmhouse touch. A decorated wall or table clock will add unique flair into a workspace. There are also handmade clocks with distressed wood as the panels.

Adding a clock will make it easier for you to manage time. Use antique clocks to enhance the decoration of your farmhouse workspace so that it is more perfect.

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Using antique clocks to decorate your workspace will make it easier for you to manage your time and will look attractive.

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To make it easier for you to manage the time adding a wall clock is the right idea. Choose antique wall clocks to give a touch of farmhouse in your workspace so that it feels warmer.

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Wall clock that made of wire will give a touch of farmhouse in your living room so it looks classic.

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5. Plants or Plant Themes

Plants add a refreshing look in a farmhouse-style room. You can dedicate one corner or window space to place several planters. You can also choose decorative objects with plant themes, such as leaf-patterned curtains or floral chair cushions.

Placing plants in the window will add freshness to your modern farmhouse workspace so that it feels more comfortable.

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Using a leaf patterned curtain to decorate your workspace will give you the perfect fresh impression.

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Farmhouse workspace decoration with house plants will enhance your decor so it feels fresher and more comfortable.

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A farmhouse office creates a welcoming and relaxing vibe. Try this design to keep you motivated while working.

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