29 Colorful Kitchen Ideas to Brighten Up Your Cooking Space

The kitchen is where you come up with cooking ideas. You can do it so much better by creating an inspiring kitchen. Lift your creativity by applying colorful kitchen ideas to brighten up your cooking space. Check out these pops of colors for a brighter kitchen.


White Tones

White can add more shine to any room. So, apply this color to your furniture or wall, and make your kitchen brighter. You can feel the room looks bigger compared to its actual size. If you want a quick makeover, this is the great move to try. 

If you want to have a clean kitchen, you can apply a white wall color and some white furniture. Combine with wooden floors to complement your kitchen decor.
The stylish kitchen decor uses white wall color to make it look attractive. Pair it with wood and metal chairs and chandeliers to give you a perfect look in your kitchen.

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Kitchen decor with white tones will look bigger than the actual size. Combine with some ornaments and wooden floors to give a warm feel at night.
White shades and some white furniture will give an attractive appearance in your kitchen. Add another ornament to make it look stylish.
You can apply shades of white tones in your kitchen to create a bright appearance. This will create a pleasant decoration in your kitchen.
With the feel of a white kitchen and paired with a white cabinet will emit a brighter look for you to try. Equipped with several hanging plants to perfect the decoration.

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Add contrast

A kitchen sure looks bright but making everything covered in white can be dull and cold. Add contrast to balance the neutral look. Experiment with monochrome colors, darker shades for the furnishing, and even colorful choices of lamps.

To give an attractive impression in your kitchen, you can apply monochrome colors on the walls and cabinets to make it look attractive. Add a chandelier to complete the decor.

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You can mix white shades with a blue neon kitchen cabinet for the contrast look. Add a big wall art and chandelier that has the same color hue to complete the decor.

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Adding monochrome color to your kitchen will provide the right contrast for you to try. Pair with some black furniture to complement your kitchen decor.
A monochrome kitchen is a great idea for a sophisticated look. You can use contemporary furniture for this idea and mix it with other ornaments to make it look attractive

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A white wall combined with a gray cabinet in the dream kitchen is the perfect choice for decorating your room. Add a few other arrangements to complete the perfect contrast.

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Applying white wall color to the kitchen will provide the perfect bright touch to complement your kitchen decor. Choose a dark green cabinet to get perfect contrast.

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Let natural light in

Looking for a simple way to apply colorful kitchen ideas to brighten up your cooking space? Notice if there are furniture blocking the sunlight. Pay attention also to where the windows are. Remove anything that prevents the natural light comes into the room. 

Applying large windows on the roof in the kitchen decor will create natural light. With this idea, it will save electricity during the day.

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Letting natural light into itself by adding a window to your dream kitchen is a great idea for you to try. Get rid of anything that prevents natural light from entering the room.
Perfect kitchen decoration with a window in the kitchen will let light in. with shades of white will produce an attractive decoration.
Brighten the kitchen with natural light during the day you can add a window next to the sink. This method will reduce the use of lights during the day.

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Decorate the kitchen with a window next to the sink suitable for creating natural light. Combine with green walls and wooden floors to make your room more comfortable.

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Applying windows next to the sink to decorate the kitchen is one way to let natural light come in. Combine with contemporary furniture and a few plants to create an interesting atmosphere in your kitchen.

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Fill dark corners

Ever wondered why there are so many lamps with different size and brightness in the kitchen? They have different purposes. Corner light is to prevent a dark corner. Backsplash light is to enhance the lighting as you are cooking. Therefore, you can adjust the lighting according to different needs.

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How to decorate the kitchen perfectly by adding lighting to the backsplash to enhance the lighting when you cook. With shades of yellow and white will brighten the atmosphere in the kitchen.

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Use backsplash lights to increase lighting when you cook. Light prevents dark corners when in the kitchen.
Adding light to the backsplash is an interesting idea for you to try in your dream kitchen. Combine with some white ornaments and decorations to complement the decor.
Decorate the kitchen by adding backsplash lights to add lighting when you cook. This light will emit the corners in your kitchen.
Interesting decorating ideas by adding backsplash lights will provide lighting in the dark space of your kitchen. Besides that, your kitchen will look beautiful.
Backsplash lights will provide additional lighting to your kitchen decor, so that it will emit light at dark corners in your kitchen.

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Clear Effect

A small kitchen tends to feel cramped due to its size. Placing a mirror in the kitchen can distract the eyes. You can have a framed mirror, a glass cabinet, or transparent shelves. These items give a spacious effect to the room. 

You can attach a unique mirror frame on the wall of your home kitchen to give the illusion of spacious space. Combine with other ornaments to complete the decoration.

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The kitchen decoration by adding a large mirror on the wall combined with furniture will look perfect. This method will create the illusion of a broad kitchen.

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Some round shape mirrors on the wall will give the illusion of spacious space and vintage style in your kitchen. Add some ornaments to vibrate your decorations to make them look more perfect.
To get an interesting impression in your kitchen, add a mirror with a unique frame to get the illusion of spacious space and vintage style. Combined with several cooking utensils to complete the decoration.

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To improve your mood, you can add a mirror to your kitchen backsplash and give the illusion of wide space. This method is easy for you to try.

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There are many colorful kitchen ideas to brighten up your cooking space. Bring the easiest solution that you can do yourself.

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