26 Kitchen Layout Ideas That Really Work

Kitchen is not only a place to cook but also to get together with family and friends. Thus, having a well-design kitchen is really helpful to let you cook efficiently, especially if you live in a small house or apartment. Get inspired and create a comfortable kitchen by applying these kitchen layout ideas.


1.     Pullman Kitchen

A Pullman kitchen or also known as the one-wall kitchen is the most favorite kitchen layout. You can apply it in a little house or studio apartment. Place common appliances such as stove, sink dishwasher, and refrigerator in one line, making everything look simple and neat. You can also add cabinets and shelves for plates, cups, and spoons. There you have it, an efficient room to cook, even if your kitchen is small.

Applying kitchen Pullman can create a unique and minimalist highlight in your kitchen decor. To get a contrasting look, you can combine it with shades of white and wooden floors.

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A Pullman-style kitchen by putting common appliances such as a stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator in one line, makes everything look simple and neat. With white and dark brown colors will create an interesting atmosphere in the kitchen.
Applying a Pullman kitchen will produce a neat and minimalist kitchen look. This kitchen design idea always preserves the beauty and uniqueness of your kitchen.

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Pullman kitchen style will create an interesting feel in your kitchen. To make it more interesting, putting common equipment such as a stove, dishwasher, and refrigerator in one line, makes everything look simple and neat.

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Applying a Pullman kitchen decoration is a creative way to get a minimalist and simple kitchen layout. With shades of white and wooden floors can create a warm feeling when you are in the kitchen.

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For the limited space in the kitchen, a Pullman kitchen layout is very suitable to save space. You can build the kitchen face to face to separate the dishwasher and stove. And give space in the middle for your access in the kitchen.

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Keep the inline layout for the small kitchen is very important because it can bring a simple and minimalist look. You can use a black and white floor to give an attractive look in your white kitchen decor.

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You can apply a Pullman kitchen layout to make your kitchen look minimalist and sleek. You can install the kitchen cabinet in simple design to strengthen the minimalist vibe.

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2.     L-Shaped Kitchen

L-shaped is quite popular among kitchen layout ideas available. It is called L-shaped because the layout looks like the letter L. Opt for this layout if you have a large space. Put your appliances in one side, while other kitchen furniture in another line. This layout is perfect, especially if you want to install a kitchen bar for a family to cook and dine at the same time.

Don’t hesitate to choose an L-shape decoration in your kitchen. Using white shades will be more interesting if you apply some other ornaments to beautify your kitchen decor.

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You can apply your L-shaped kitchen to make your kitchen look popular and luxurious. This can also create a seamless impression and make your kitchen more comfortable.
Add a kitchen island in your an L-shaped kitchen layout that very useful to help you in the kitchen. The storage underneath can be used for extra storage and it also can be used as the dining table, Just add chairs and you can get dine while cooking at the same time.
The L shaped kitchen layout will produce an attractive appearance in your kitchen so you can have a kitchen quite popular among spatial ideas. Combined with white shades and some wooden furniture to get a stylish look.
You can combine an L shape with a contemporary style for a peaceful look in your dream kitchen. By combining this design, your kitchen will look attractive and luxurious.
L-shaped is the right layout for a contemporary kitchen design. You can adjust the design according to your style. If you like a minimalist and seamless look, you can choose the kitchen cabinet in handleless. And use a white shade and wood touch to make your kitchen more perfect.
Put a kitchen island in the middle of your L-shaped kitchen design and use it for the dining table at the same time. It also becomes a statement in your kitchen.
Using an L-shaped kitchen is a sophisticated way to enhance the look of your kitchen. Put your equipment on one side, while other kitchen furniture in the other line.
An L-shaped kitchen from wooden furniture can give a warm and classic impression in your kitchen. This layout is perfect for a kitchen so that it can enhance your decor.

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3.      U-Shaped Kitchen

This layout takes up a lot of space, so it is a great option for a big house. Build a U-shaped kitchen where you can place more appliances and furniture. The size can also multiply due to the large available layout, meaning you have more area to move freely.

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Applying a U-shaped kitchen design will enhance the look of your kitchen. This method requires a large space so that you have more area to move freely.

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You can use the other side of your U-shaped kitchen layout for the dining area. Just add chairs and it already used to get dining. It will make your kitchen more practical and functional.

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Applying a U-shaped kitchen will make it easier for you to put in more equipment and furniture. Besides that, you have a decent space for moving.
The white color scheme can make your U-shaped kitchen looks more bright and wider. Place purple flowers in the white vase to give a contrast look in your kitchen.
Randwick pavilion
Another way to decorate the kitchen in a U-shape will make it easier for you to move and prepare more equipment and furniture in the kitchen. With shades of white will make your kitchen clean and neat.
You can try to apply the U-shaped kitchen layout if you have enough space to build it. It can give you some benefits, for example you can have decent space for moving when cooking or preparing the food. Besides that, you can install many kitchen cabinet or storage, so that you can save more kitchen appliances neatly and safely.
Use U-shaped kitchen layout to give a broad impression in your kitchen. You can put more equipment and you can move freely.
A U-shaped kitchen will give more function to put some furniture and items in your kitchen. With shades of white, you can combine it with several other ornaments for a stylish look.
Moreover, you can build a mini bar next to the U-shaped kitchen design. It will make it easy to serve the food directly after finish the cook.

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Do not worry if you want to build a kitchen or rearrange its layout. There are some kitchen layout ideas you can choose from. Choose the one which you love. However, you have to consider the size of your kitchen, the budget, and so on. So, which one would you choose?

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