These are 27 Top Features That Make a Scandinavian Decor


A Scandinavian decor looks effortlessly stunning, but people have done that after knowing the features that identify the style the most. It’s an understatement to say that Scandinavian interior design is one of the most popular ones out there! To see what key features we are primarily talking about, see the list below.



Choosing material in wood for literally anything at home actually seems and sounds super Scandinavian. Besides the classic wood cabinet, you can incorporate this natural material on the walls, floors, chairs, and even cookware and cupboards.

Scandinavian-style decoration will make the room feel warmer. You can add decoration to the living room with soft and comfortable wood material. For example, use chairs, tables and floors made of wood that is refined.

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To create a living room filled with natural textures, the use of Scandinavian style is the right solution that you should try. You can apply it on the wall and coffee table.
Scandinavian design will look more warm, neat and functional. The use of wood makes the room look more environmentally friendly, so it makes you want to linger in this place.
Use wood walls with different textures to give color to your Scandinavian living room. Perfect your decor with the use of dark furniture.

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In addition to creating a warm impression, furniture that is made of wooden material also provides comfort that makes the room look more attractive and more attractive.
When you want to make a kitchen that is not boring and not monotonous, then try it with a Scandinavian-style design. The combination of wood and white shades emphasizes a place worth living in.
The combination of furniture and wood floors with greenery makes your room more minimalist and fresh. In addition, this design will also make the layout right and neat.

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Clean Lines

With minimalism tailing the idea of Scandinavian style, you won’t be surprised if it embodies clean lines as well. Therefore, you should focus on a modern, clean-lined furniture piece to obtain the sleek and chic finish to the room.

Focus your furniture with materials that are comfortable and warm. Choose a sofa that has a clean upholstered modern value to get slim and slick results.
The choice of furniture for Scandinavian living room decoration is very important because this will affect the minimization of your room. Choose according to your taste.
An easy way to get sleek and chic results for the living room is to use the right furniture. The combination of white sofa with leather sofa will look more suitable and fashionable.
Placing the sofa near the window is a smart way to make furniture look shiny and cleaner. Especially when you choose a sofa with bright colors like yellow, then perfect your Scandinavian decoration at this time.

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Decluttered Spaces

As minimalism sets in, you’ll see how decluttered rooms are among the most prominent features offered by Scandinavian style. You don’t need much stuff and belongings at home to feel homey, anyway. It’s time to clear up the mess!

To avoid clutter in your Scandinavian decor, avoid using excessive furniture. With this room you will avoid the stuffy and messy atmosphere.

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Scandinavian living room will be one of the decorations that make your guests feel comfortable. End with the use of a large glass window to display a brighter room.
Use chairs with matching colors so that your Scandinavian living room matches other furniture in one room. Hanging rattan light makes the living room decoration look unique and creative.
Minimalist living room you can create with a beautiful and modern Scandinavian style. Apply wood material to some of your furniture as a characteristic of this style. Move items that are not used to avoid chaos.
Bold couches give a more lively feel. Use furniture as needed only to avoid the existing chaos. Use the layout that suits your room.

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Simple Accents

Hence, in light of the previous points, a home with simple accents keeps it minimum but not dull enough that you’ll soon get bored with. Don’t shy away from bare walls and empty spaces, but be creative with it!

Take advantage of an empty wall in your beautiful decorative living room to perfect your living room. Give a natural feel to the walls and give a little bohemian touch to your carpet.

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Modern scandinavian living room interior - 3d render
Make Scandinavian decorations as good as possible so they don’t feel boring. Wooden furniture is one of the main characteristics you should try. The abstract painting with simple design can be the focal point in your room.
Scandinavian style living and dining room
The living room that integrates with the dining room will save a better room. The triangles wooden shelves idea creates a room that is not monotonous and makes it feel more comfortable.

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When you want to create a Scandinavian decor that is on a budget, then use simple accents such as horse paintings that are attached right above your bed. This is easy enough for you to copy.

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Gallery wall is one of the decorations that should be in a room with a Scandinavian design. This design idea is an easy way to make the living room look minimalist. Besides this wall decoration also provides a modern touch.

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Cozy Textiles

Textiles at home can come from comfy pillow throws and blankets—which are affordable and cute, of course—so that you can have that beautiful Scandinavian design in less than a minute.

Give a comfortable life for your Scandinavian decoration, you can try it by using some safe and comfortable textiles on your blankets, carpets and even your pillowcases.

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Give a soft texture to your Scandinavian bedroom to improve your mood while in bed. Faux fur blankets are the right choice for you to have.

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Changing the atmosphere in the bedroom to make it more comfortable is an easy way you can do. You can start by using textile materials that warm and feel smooth and even soft.
Utilizing comfortable textiles in a Scandinavian bedroom you can do in minutes. Because you can simply replace it with textiles that are according to taste and what you want.
The bedroom is a place to rest after you do all day activities. Therefore make it as comfortable as possible with the right use of textiles and according to your needs.

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Knitting material thrown on your bed is the best idea for designing the Scandinavian style. With the use of comfortable textiles, it will make the occupants more comfortable in the room.

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With the above Scandinavian decor features presented to you, which one will you choose to incorporate?

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