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5 Not-Pink Color Pairs to Create Beautiful Feminine Décor


If you think a beautiful feminine décor always uses pink, you are wrong! Pink is not everyone’s color, and there are many options to combine if you want to decorate in a feminine way. While pastel or creamy tones are popular, you can insert bold or darker colors to create a feminine look.

Here are several color pairs you can try to create a feminine décor without using pink.

Pale Orange and Teal

Pale orange and teal combine two beautiful shades that romantically complement each other. The pale orange gives a soft but warm vibe, while the teal one is cooling without making you depressed. Pale orange is great as the “base” color, while teal functions as the accent.

This is a feminine little living room idea that features teal orange, light wood floors, and minimalist modern decor. The feminine factor is highlighted by the presence of pale orange curtains and teal fireplaces.

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Through a splash of teal in the bedroom and a hint of pale orange on the bed. Bring a touch of feminine bedroom decor.
Feminine colors are not always pink but you can use a touch of pale orange and teal into the bedroom. The spark that is given is able to bring more interesting nuances.

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Elegance born in this living room makes a feminine and cheerful feel. With a touch of pale orange and teal, the modern and fresher look can bring it more attractive.

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Chocolate and Rust Orange

Chocolate and rust orange combines the warm and the neutral, perfect to create a welcoming vibe. Chocolate shades are earthy and “stable”, giving you a more mature romantic vibe. Rust orange is perfect as an accent color, symbolizing a warm passion without looking too dramatic.

Teal is a cool color that can help you start your day with a more vibrant, cheerful color, so it’s good for your health to avoid stress. Choose a teal color, so it’s not too flashy.

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This is a very elegant bedroom with a feminine design. And even though it has a traditional design, it is laid out in a fairly modern way. The combination of a white mattress with a beautiful pillow matches with other bright colors like orange making the room very elegant.
This feminine living room combo defines true elegance. This room contains pale orange furniture and teal on one side, and on the other side there is white wall paint making this room ideal for women.
This is a feminine little living room idea that features pale orange bed linen, light wood floors and a minimalist modern decor. The feminine factor is highlighted by the presence of orange pillows and colored lamp shades.
This is a luxurious feminine room featuring cream-colored furniture. The walls have a very attractive design with details along with lighting that enhances the look and feel of the room.

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Purple and Grey

Purple and grey emit maturity and elegance, giving you a perfect romantic palette without looking girly. You can choose a bold or dark purple as an accent for a dramatic look. If you want something softer and more welcoming, combine the grey with sheer or pale purple.

This is a stylish room that features purple bed linen with white and purple combination walls. This room has a very pretty and chic style adding lots of feminine and zingy touches. The ceiling has a chandelier and a mirror wall frame on the wall along with other funky accessories.
The contemporary feminine living room has classy nuances with beautiful details and accessories. Contemporary style demands for minimalist design and in the feminine living room, purple-gray decoration is used to create a brilliant contemporary design.

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Feminine bedroom design featuring a large sofa for purple seating. It has a coffee table center large enough to be reached from any chair.
The layout of your living room also determines comfort. To make your living room look neater, cleaner, and balanced, arrange a variety of furniture in a symmetrical position.
Don’t worry about using flashy colors like flowers for small bathrooms. Colors like this can make a narrow room look more trendy. Try to paint the walls and ceiling of your bathroom with a striking teal color, then combine with ceramics and furniture of different colors.

The combination of unga and light gray colors can provide a refreshing color. In addition, this classic color combination will look good when combined with various other textures of items in the bathroom.

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Ice Blue and Neutral

Ice blue is a beautiful blue shade, reflecting the color of ice and water in a soft shade. A room with ice blue décor emits elegant beauty, which you can pair with soft neutrals. Combine multiple neutral shades like soft grey, white, and beige to pair with the ice blue décor.

Blue is synonymous with things that smell natural. For example the sea, beaches, sky, and gardens. Blue paint for a room can make a house feel fresh because it creates a cool and peaceful feel.

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If you don’t like colors that are too flashy, you can use soft colors like powder blue. The blue color provides a calm effect while making your room look bright and open.
Soft blue color like this is suitable for small bathrooms that are not exposed to natural light because it can make the room look bright and attractive. The combination of blue & white on the wall, and brown on the floor. Very suitable for you who like the eclectic room design
This one color gave birth to an elegant and feminine impression in the room. If you choose blue as the bathroom wall paint color, avoid using pastel and pink as an additional color accent, because the elegant and luxurious impression you want to display in a lavender-colored bathroom will fail because the color combination is too soft.
blue is a faded color and is very suitable for use in the bathroom, because it gives the impression of comfort and calm. You can combine blue with white.
The blue color is also often used as a color choice for bathrooms in general. Very beautiful and attractive, especially the chosen equivalent of white makes this dark color look firmer but does not feel fierce.

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Dusty Rose and Navy Blue

What if you want to compromise and use a little pink? Choose dusty rose as the accent color. This pink shade contains a little element of violet, making it less prominent than neon pink, for example. You can pair it with navy blue to create a dramatic décor with a romantic element.

Blue is a popular color in indoor decoration. Starting from the living room, bedroom, to the kitchen. Psychologically, the color blue can give the impression of calm and relax. In fact, the color blue is often described as a color that seems calm, peaceful, and safe.
For a small bedroom design that is full of character, try to choose a theme that is inclined to other interior styles, unique, and different. Choose a bold style that reflects your taste and at the same time distracts from the size of the small restroom.

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A darker color with a darker scheme is also suitable for use in your room. Pour the blue color on the wall in the form of a white base wallpaper.
When the mind is relaxed, you will more easily fall asleep. When you wake up in the morning, the body becomes fresher. So that a good bedroom paint color can be more effective, choose dark blue or navy to dominate the color of the walls.

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The blue color is associated with the water element. Its nature calms the mind and heart. If you have insomnia or have trouble sleeping, use this bedroom paint color that is good for your health.

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Pink is not the only option for a feminine décor. Find your personal preferences in feminine style through more creative color pairs.

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