Classic Greek Beach House with A Single-Level Volume Of Interlocking Shapes


Located in the Northern Peloponnese region in Greece, this single-level holiday house was designed by R.C.TECH. They put a holiday memory in mind and visualize it in this beach house. To create something interesting in this largely flat landscape, the team add a peak and angles of white pitched volume and exposed concrete pergola. Each room of this house is so unique and perfect for making holiday memories.


The architecture trying to balance a coastal lifestyle to this house. This means the house can be a place to gather, for having meals or even playing games with quite and private moments for chilling or reading. Even each house is carefully planning, the design is quite simple. Two wings for sleeping near the yellow front door, and there is an adorable living space. It consist of kitchen, living and dining area with an open fireplace to separate them. And there are two large cylindrical skylights that bring sunlight into the kitchen and dining spaces.


The architect also decided to extend the interior as an outdoor living space sites between pool and indoor living room. A terrace with concrete pergola forms a great sanctuary, so client can enjoying the beach and the sea from it.



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