Ruang Tekuni; Tropical Rain-Forest Themed Boutique Hotel


This building, Ruang Tekuni, is a boutique apartment located in Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia. This place consist of 12 studios across two levels and a Penthouse for the owner. There is a lobby, administration room, maintenance and service room on the ground floor. There are balconies facing the central courtyard full of Brazilian fern trees and a pool with trickling water.


The boutique Hotel

DDAP Architect designing Ruang Tekuni by bringing a tropical rain-forest as the concept.

“We proposed the idea of a tropical rain-forest by placing green and zen elements in the center to create a sensory experience in terms of the visual and in the rustling of leaves in the trees and light breeze that blows on to the skin to present buildings that are in harmony with nature” says Dirgantara I Ketut, principal of DDAP Architect.


The aim of the concept that the architect choose is to make an oasis. With the oasis, the guests can hear a natural sound. It’s nice to listen to the sound of flowing water, leaves and the blowing of cold air. And the owner can enjoy the voices from the apartment through their small window that facing the courtyard, too. The design of the courtyard is a combination of water, stone, trees and light elements.

Communal swimming pool and rooftop garden will welcome you in the second floor. Guests can enjoy the sunrise, watch the stars or enjoying the prevailing breeze from it. To amplify the tropical feel, they add greenery cascades throughout Ruang Tekuni.


The building and furniture inside using nature element as well to enhance the sense of calm and tropical feeling. The material mainly using the reclaimed lumber and recycled roof which selected carefully by the owner. Inspired by the traditional Balinese rice-barn roof shape, they choose Pitched terracota-tile roof that help them creating more interior space.


They apply terracotta block to the facade screen. With the small opening in each block, it allows light and air to filter through. Thus gives an intricate patterns into the boutique hotel. By using a concrete pattern wall panels and recycled timber for the staircases and floors, the studio looks rustic and comfortable.

The Penthouse

As for the penthouse for the owner’s house, an ancient Chinese house crowns the building. It consist of library and workspace on the top floor.


The owner accommodate his own artwork collection and his personal touch throughout Ruang Tekuni to create a homey feeling. For supporting the function and the convenience, it has a roof garden for BBQ party, and enjoying sunrise. What an adorable home living!



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