Small House In Japan that Able to Accommodate Married Couple, Child And Two Cats


This project is renovating a house that was built forty years ago. The client wants a house that can accommodate married couple, child, and two cat. The problem is, this building is small and lack of space. So, how can Yoshichika Takagi + associates handle this renovation?


To make the most of the space, in addition to the stairs and the base, they inserting an R wall that linearly cuts the longer direction of the building. This will make the house no longer cramped atmosphere. By installing a clerestory on the R wall and overlapped the curved study models, it creates a mild and uniform light. As the result, a unique light for this northern province’s house.


They choose larch plywood for the whole house because cats love to sharpen their nails there. The design of low ceiling and ground window living room is unique. It have a low center of gravity with a low dining table called Chabudai on a carpet. A wood-burning stove filled the dining room with energetic lifestyle.

This house is not only consist of low-ceiling space, they also have a high ceiling and a long, thin and white R wall that has abstract impression. This contrast created a blank space and made the possibility of being eroded by peripheral activities.



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