Best House Inspiration for Dink Couple


This late 40’s dink couple have a wide and warm site with cozy atmosphere and mountain. They’re dreaming a rural life far from the busy city life to enjoy the serenity even in a small space house. Their wishes are so simple. They wishing an outdoor vegetable garden while the husband made elaborate drip coffee and drink it under the eaves.


“We want to stare each other in everywhere at home”, said the couple. This special requirement is quite unusual for the architect. But as time goes by, after listening to their story, Formative architects understand that what they want it simple. They just like to spend the time together every time as dink couple.


The conclusion is, they want a spacial structure that reflecting their life pattern. It makes the architect need to make a delicate and meticulous for this house. They intend to make a house with a smooth-flowing circulation without shape corner. The house also fill with the warmth sunlight which fills up courtyard.

Organic spatial structure of courtyard and interior space

There is no room in this house. On the first floor, it have an organic form and structure and are opened toward the courtyard. The yard is the background of this house. It includes expanding all function of the house and a space which plays a centripetal part. The kitchen, entrance, and living room in this house connecting each space. It’s all opening toward courtyard. This make all of the space bright, warm, and plus are interconnected compactly with courtyard visually and spatially.


To prevent the summer sunlight entering the house deeply, the architect installing the eaves that is tensile over 1.2 m – 2 m. The eaves also become a relaxation stop for the client so they can watch the rain drops when it’s rain. By considering the location, the client and architect choose Apricot tree to permeates transforming of a season into whole space in the house.

Meet up a new space through a hidden door in the bedroom

The Most private space, the bedroom, for the couple is in the second floor. They can also enjoying the beautiful scenery from their bedroom. While sitting on the bed, they can watch a distant view without interference. Thanks to the level difference!


Using low gable roof as the second floor’s structure, they can feel like they’re in a camping site which is cozy and picturesque. There’s a rooftop, too! With a hidden door behind the bedroom, they can entering the rooftop. This is the most open space in this house and of course, client an enjoying the beautiful scenery of the house from here. Another purpose of the rooftop is a space for many activities such as trimming and drying food ingredient.

Internalized courtyard maintaining privacy even in the evening

Surroundings of this house have different shape and spatial structure of neighbor’s house. That’s why the architect surrounding the house with embracing wall and 60 mm diameter roasted bamboo transported from ‘Damyang‘ around the boundary of entire site. And to make the house get the sunlight for the interior space, the architect make the whole of it facing the courtyard.


“Furthermore, opened the second floor view widely toward the gorgeous landscape. They can enjoy the exterior space with their family or guests through the internalized garden safely without intervention of others, even doesn’t need to close blinds or curtains. On the other hand, it can be a passage communicating with village at times by opening the bamboo wall. The bamboo elevation by using accessible natural material from nearby area melts into surroundings smoothly and genially.”


Last but not least, the best reward that architect get is when they hear client say “I love this space so much.”



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