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Tips to Keep Your Lawn Mower Running Perfectly for a Long Time

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Homeowners always want to have a well-manicured lawn. Because of this, they spend money on lawn managing equipment such as lawnmowers, rakes, drop spreaders, and sprinkler systems. More often than not, the most expensive lawn care equipment to have is the lawnmower since it may require regular maintenance and replacement of Briggs and Stratton parts

Homeowners who want to keep their lawns in pristine condition will most likely buy a lawnmower. However, maintaining a lawnmower may become an untidy and time-consuming task. 

While many homeowners will opt to send their lawn mowers for professional repairs and services, there are still some that like to do the repairs themselves. If you decide to maintain your lawnmower in a DIY approach, here the following tips you may use: 

Read the Owner’s Manual

Not every lawn mower is the same even if they do the same tasks of cutting grass. Different manufacturers use different engines to power their mowers. Likewise, most lawn mowers will require parts specifically made for them. 

For example, a Briggs and Stratton mower will require Briggs and Stratton parts. It is therefore important to read your lawn mower’s owner’s manual since it contains all the information that you need about the different parts that can be replaced and how to keep your mower in top condition for a long time. 

Remove or Replace the Spark Plugs

When you are planning to do maintenance work on your lawnmowers such as cleaning the blades, it is important to disconnect or remove the spark plug first. Removing the spark plug will prevent the engine from accidentally starting up and causing you harm. 

Likewise, it is advisable to replace the spark plug yearly to ensure that your mower’s engine will run smoothly every time you use it. 

Drain the Fuel

Undisturbed gasoline will begin to form deposits that will sink at the bottom of the tank. This deposit formation will also decrease the quality of the fuel. When you need to store the lawn mower away for a long time, make sure that you drain any fuel in its tank. You can do this by draining out the left-over fuel or better yet, keep the engine running until all the fuel is spent. 

Clean the Lawn Mower

Always remove all the caked-on debris and grass on the undercarriage of your lawnmower after each use. It is also best if you clean the blades completely as well. Debris left stuck on the blades may cause the blades to form oxidation or rusts making them dull. 

Replace or Replenish Oil

Check to see the viscosity and appearance of your mower’s engine oil. If the oil appears very dirty and black, then it is time to replace it. You can consult the lawn mower’s owner’s manual on how to change the oil properly. 

Replace Air Filters

Engines need clean air for efficient combustion of fuel. It is also important to schedule the cleaning of your lawn mower’s air filters the same time as you would replace the oil. 

Sharpen and Calibrate the Blades

Constant usage of your lawnmowers may cause wear and tear to its blades and blade alignments. You may opt to sharpen the blades yourself if you know-how, however, it is best to leave this part of the maintenance to professional lawn mower services. If the blades or blade parts assembly need replacement, make sure that you get genuine Briggs and Stratton parts.

If done regularly, the above tips will make sure that your lawn mowers will remain in tip-top condition for generations to come. 

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