Signs That You Need a New Switchboard

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In Australia, bushfires and grass fires can put properties in grave danger. However, there are bigger threats to your home that are found inside it, and some of them are electrical faults, which are abnormal currents in the electric power system.

Having an outdated or faulty switchboard is a serious fire risk, and it can stem from living in an old home or hiring the wrong electricians in the past. No matter the case, one thing remains true: it’s a definite must that you switch to a different switchboard if the one you have right now is giving all sorts of telltale signs that it’s no longer in tip-top shape. 

For this serious matter, you should get in touch with a residential electrician who is trusted by many locals and has a lengthy experience in the industry.

Having a New One Installed Matters Now More Than Ever

These days, the new normal is carrying out a variety of activities without stepping foot outside the home. Whether earning a college degree or raking in profits, staying indoors most of the time can help save lives by keeping the virus from spreading uncontrollably.

It’s due to this exactly why mobile devices that enable their users to go online are selling like hotcakes, ranging from laptops, tablets, to smartphones.

Together with today’s appliances such as gigantic LCD TVs, automatic washing machines, and others, using various electronics can take its toll on the switchboard by causing it to work harder. If there is an existing issue that’s overlooked, a problem may strike, especially if the switchboard can no longer handle the demands of modern-day living.

Signs That You Need to Call an Electrician

Most of the time, before a serious issue comes into being, such as your house burning to the ground, the switchboard will try to grab your attention, thereby allowing you to contact an electrician for an inspection. It is important to note that any problem with the home electrical system and equipment is not a DIY matter — it requires the skills and knowledge of a pro.

Here are some of the telltale signs of a problematic switchboard:

  • Strange noises

It’s perfectly fine for many electronics to generate sounds. However, hearing a noise that wasn’t there before or doesn’t sound normal should be a cause for concern. Discontinue using the appliance until you have contacted the manufacturer about it or allowed an electrician to inspect it.

  • Unusual smells

Sometimes, it’s not just your ear that can warn you of a potential problem. Your nose may also alert you, particularly if there is a chemical or burning smell around. In many instances, the strange odour may come directly from the switchboard.

  • Flickering lights

There are a couple of reasons why light fixtures may flicker. First, they may not be properly installed, or they are near the end of their expected lifespan. Second, there is a problem with the electrical wirings or the switchboard itself. 

You must spring into action right away by contacting a residential electrician if the cause is the latter, whether you are quite sure or just have a hunch.

  • Electric shocks

Do you still get shocked even if your hands are dry and you have your footwear on? It’s a good idea to let an electrician conduct an inspection. That’s because, in many instances, it can be a switchboard-related matter.

Don’t just hire any electrician that you can find online or in the phonebook. Go for one that many of the locals trust.

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