No ocean required, these beach house design ideas are worth trying to have a cozy living that is airy and bright. From the coastal elements to the shades of blue, you’ll instantly feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy just by stepping through the front door.

Hardwood Floors

What is the first thing that came to your mind when you picture the flooring of a beach house? The wood material is soft, natural, and suitable for beach-inspired design; it is also stylish and cozy at the same time.

To add a natural and warm impression to your beach house, use wood on your floor and roof. Cover wooden floors with carpets for a beautiful view. Image Wooden pallet floor from hgtv
Consider the wood on your floors and furniture as eco-friendly accents in beach house decor. Colorful pillows are a personal style that you can try. Image Wooden floor from hgtv

Airy, Bright Porch

Bring the bright summer feel into your home by transforming the porch into a super cozy spot to relax. Add summertime accents like wicker baskets or furniture, and colorful rug. Make sure you use natural hues and clean, bright white color.

Furniture that has a bright color on the porch gives a bright and light feel. Choose a striped rug to coat your hardwood floors as comfortable footwear. Image Brightly porch from southernliving
Direct your chair outside the room as the most comfortable relaxing area. The open porch always provides fresh air because it has free air circulation. Image Panoramic porch from southernliving

Shipshape Bathroom

Incorporate collection of maritime vibes into your beach house design ideas by creating a beach-inspired bathroom: white wall, seafaring sconces, seascapes gallery, and a soaking tub in navy color.

The combination of the navy in the bathtub with white shades is the best-recommended choice for decorating your bathroom. In addition to lighting the room, crystal lamps are also decorative items. Image Navy clawfoot bathtub from countryliving
Navy bathtubs and ocean view galleries are an easy way to create a shipshape bathroom. Vintage furniture is the perfect complement. Image Nautical painting from housebeautiful

Seascape Wallpaper

No worries if your space is far away from the ocean and landlocked. You can have a scenic view by installing a seascape wallpaper on your bedroom wall, add a light window treatment, and play with a natural hue theme. 

Blue and white are the perfect combinations for your beach bedroom decor. The sea view wallpaper adds a fresh and beautiful feeling that you can try. Image Seascape wallpaper from countryliving

Water-Friendly Furniture

Create a cozy, beach cottage looks by filling your home with furniture that is weather-resistant and able to stand up against the summer humidity. You can use natural materials like bamboo, wicker, and rattan.

Besides being cheap and easy to get, wicker furniture for the dining room also looks simple but still charming. Leave this furniture in the natural color for authenticity. Image Wicker furniture from thespruce
Re-varnish your rattan furniture to make it look more shiny and clean. Perform regular maintenance so that your furniture is more durable. Image Rattan furniture from thespruce

Pop of Colors

Beach style is often pictured by the colors of the sea and the sand. But no strict rules, there’s no reason not to include bright colors – like orange and yellow – and patterns in your beach-inspired home.

The orange side table is the main view when entering this room. Combine with neutral colors and turquoise then it can give a pop of color in your house. Image Orange side table from rhythmofthehome

Let’s build an endless-summer fantasy with these beach house design ideas. Another stunning idea you can add to your list is to build a California home by installing tropical wallpaper for any room you want.

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