Custom awainings

Have you considered custom awnings for your next outdoor event? This allows you to select the style and size that is ideal for your needs. While outdoor awnings are best known to safeguard people from bright sunlight, they can actually offer several benefits.

Protect Patio from the Elements

Elements like the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) light and rain can reduce the lifespan of outdoor furniture due to direct exposure. This involves chairs, benches, and tables wearing down faster and becoming discoloured.

When harsh sunlight goes through house windows, indoor furniture and flooring can also experience the same damage. Thus, the outdoor awning can function like sunglasses with UV protection.

Beauty and Value

A house can boost its beauty and value when homeowners install an outdoor awning to their houses. For example, it can boost the aesthetic value of a patio by providing covered space for eating, entertaining, or relaxing.

Outdoor awnings not only can increase the curbside value of your home but also the monetary value by boosting the home’s equity. Many house shoppers are looking for an outdoor space where they can relax at night or entertain on weekends. While a house with a patio can provide this benefit, an awning can also help protect people from the elements such as sunbeams and raindrops.    

Outdoor Entertainment

Perth is the sunniest city in Australia with an average of 12 hours of daily sunlight, according to The Telegraph. Australia’s sunny weather provides many opportunities for dinners, cookouts, and parties. Your guests will be protected from sun exposure and heavy rainfall.  

Lower Energy Costs

This is likely a surprising perk of outdoor awnings since climate control, like air conditioners and heating systems are located indoors. The awnings can block direct sunlight outdoors, and how much light and heat enter the windows.

Studies show that awnings can help to reduce cooling energy costs by nearly one-quarter during the summertime. Retractable awnings can boost savings even more.


When picking customized awnings, you have various kinds of commercial awnings to pick from. Some of the different options include a pivot arm and folding arm. They function differently yet allow consumers to pick the unit that best suits their needs based on their priorities and applications.

Here are some examples. A pivot arm awning provides more airflow behind the unit. Meanwhile, a folding arm awning protects the fabric and components from rain, wind, etc. When an online store offers more variants, this provides more flexibility.  

Retractable Awnings

This feature allows you to control how much you, and family and friends are exposed to the elements. For example, 11:00 am to 2:00 pm is the hottest time of the day, so you will likely prefer shade during these times in the summertime.

A pivot or folding-arm awning can also allow you to adjust how much people are exposed to the elements. In most cases, this involves sun and rain. However, some areas in Victoria, New South Wales (NSW), and Tasmania can also experience some snowfall.  

On the other hand, there are warm, sunny days when you want to get some mild sun exposure. During these times, you can fully retract the awning to enjoy benefits including Vitamin D for skin, and melatonin for mood.

Outdoor entertainment at your home can be fantastic events for sharing food, drinks, and memories with guests. However, they can also become less enjoyable due to elements like harsh sunlight or heavy rains.

Fortunately, custom awnings can provide several benefits for homes. They include protection from the elements, retractable awnings, and even lower energy bills. This can ultimately make your patio events safe, dry, and comfortable.

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