For those who are into something small and minimalist for this holiday season, Christmas cactus decoration is the answer. You don’t have to live in the Southwest to find cactus or succulents since you can find them at plant shops. 

There is something cozy and inviting about Christmas cactus decoration, from the traditional rustic style to a festive one. Cactus always becomes an adorable little plant. It gives a charming accent to any interior style. 

Try our three charming Christmas cactus decoration ideas if you are looking for something cute for your home decor (or gift!). They’re easy to grow and fit perfectly into this Christmas.

1. A Lovely Christmas Cactus Decoration Arrangement In a Box

Succulents such as cactus, aloe, jade, and others are quite popular right now. They can make notable appearances in your living room. If you are planning to use a traditional rustic theme for Christmas, a small succulent garden in a wooden box will be beautifully warm and inviting. 

Made in an old wooden box, the center of this cactus has a variety of colorful cacti and succulents. This setting can be displayed for your indoor Christmas decoration.
Just like flowers and succulents, the cactus is also beautiful. Here, you can arrange and make them so that their beauty emphasized. This cactus from left to right is a type of succulent green sedum.
These cactus are available in a variety of attractive shapes. They are easy to grow and not require too much maintenance. After collecting the material, you can make a cactus container garden in a rustic style that is so unique.
Created in a wooden box this cactus centerpiece has a variety of cactus and accented with green moss. This arrangement can be displayed indoors or outdoor. 
Made in a wooden box, the center of the cactus has a variety of shapes and other planting accents. They can make important appearances in your living room.

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2. Literally Christmas Cactus Decoration 

Like its name, Christmas cactus decoration is so pretty. It might be the rival of your Christmas tree since this decoration will shine and bring joy for years to come. Place cacti in green terracotta pots and tie peppermint stripes ribbon around them to bring the merry all year long. 

This Christmas cactus decor with terracotta will make your Christmas tree looks not that interesting because this material will shine and bring joy for years to come.
Most cactus have shallow roots and grow slowly, so choose a shallow container. You don’t need a deep or very large saucepan. You only need the polished terracotta.
This group of cactus has several different types which is adorable. To make it all looks harmonious, use the different size of the pots too.
If your cactus placed in a pot that placed indoors, you can add it with a pad under the pot. It is useful to keep your home clean while watering it.
Spread a layer of small pebbles or gravel at the top bottom. Add to the mix pots designed for cactus. The usual pot mixture holds too much water for this plant, which stores moisture in the trunk.
Here, you can hang your cactus to add beauty to your cactus as the decoration need. In hence, apply the string lamps so that it could be even more adorable and festive.
Any plant container can work, but unglazed clay pots are your best bet. They’ll allow the soil to dry quickly, preventing root rot, and they’re heavy enough to support a waterlogged cactus. To get a festive look, you can decorate the cactus with colorful ball decorations.
Try dressing your cactus pot. Place a layer of decorative gravel or small stone on the ground, or add a few miniatures. Use small lights and wrap them around the pot.

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3. Mug Christmas Cactus Decoration

Repurposed your mug from your cabinet and turn it into pretty Christmas decor. Make a hole at the bottom of the mug using a diamond tip drill, then put soil in it. Then, place your cactus, such as aloe or succulents, inside the mug.

Don’t have room for a Christmas tree? Then try using a cup as an alternative. Whether it is big or small, use it to grow cactus that will be really awesome.
This one will be a great gift for every Christmas or even to decorate the room for Christmas.
Add a few cups of framed cactus artwork to your bedroom or living room looks really adorable. Add it with flower decoration to make it looks prettier.
If you are not sure if the cactus is the right plant for your home but still want to follow the trend, try this one that created by using a cup that will look good displayed on a floating shelf.

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Try adding some colors to your living room by applying the small cactus pot cups in really bright colors. Look at the Santa and snowman patterns which are really awesome.
If you have several old coffee cups that do not use anymore, then use them to grow the cactus. This is great for the room and adds beauty.
This time, the mug planter added gravel and yellow sand that really work well to create beautiful effect.

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If you are living in the Southwest or other arid climates, cacti and succulents are easy to find as Christmas cactus decorations. Worry no more, you can still have cacti for your Christmas decor by finding them at plant shops. The best part of this decor is that succulents take very little water. You can place them in the living room by the window.

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