Some things are better with age. That is how antique stuff is even more beautiful as they age. However, filling your entryway with all-genuine antique furniture is going to be hard so why not mix it with some modern furniture which goes well with the antique look. 

Read along because here are stunning entryway ideas that will take your home to the bygone era.

1. Antique Long Bench in Entryway

The most important antique piece that you should find is the long bench. For the rest, you can use modern stuff, like the coat hanger with a wooden plate. If you can find a hanger with a long plate, then you can use the upper surface as a decoration shelf. 

You can put small plants and various framed photographs there. However, to make it look antique, make sure to edit the photo to sepia or black and white.

Long bench made of wood placed at the entrance to complete the decoration and make it simpler.
Entrance decoration combined with silver benches and wooden storage to make the room looks modern.

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Simple wooden long bench combined with rattan storage and paintings to complete your entrance.

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Long wooden bench added with pumpkin-patterned cushions placed beside the stairs at the entrance.
Long bench added with shoe racks, pillows and rattan storage to be the complement of your entrance decoration.

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2. Antique Cabinet in Small Foyer

If your foyer is small, having an antique cabinet is enough. Just like most antique cabinets, this cabinet has a lot of compartments and you can use to store your shoes, bags, or hats. 

If you can’t find one, it’s easy enough to replicate. Just build a cabinet with the exact design and to make it look like an original antique piece, you can put an old photo and candles on cabinet. If you want to put plant, using a clear glass vase might be a good idea.

Wooden storage furniture combined with green plants placed in pots from rattan to decorate your entrances.

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White storage design that has many benefits and very suitable to be put at the entrance in your home.
The white storage entrance decoration that has many function to be combined with the painting on it.
White wood storage combined with rattan shelves and white sofa bench that makes the decoration looks cooler.
Simple white storage which also used to store the shoes and completing the entrance decoration.
Wood storage that looks cheap but has many benefits for placing items and adding decoration to the entrance of your home.

image source

3. Antique Mirror/Coat Hanger in Entryway

Sometimes, having an antique piece is not only because how the classic look is aesthetically pleasing, but also because how efficient it is. For example, this antique mirror that is also a coat hanger. The upper part is a mirror frame with traditional design. However, you can also put small golden hooks on it so you can hang your keys there. As for the lower part, the hooks are big enough to hang your scarves, hats, or even coats. Another decoration you might want to add is a vase of tall branches. 

Clothes hangers and storage racks made of iron to complete the entrance decoration in your home.
The design of a white wooden clothes hanger combined with storage in white metal material.
A clothes hanger combined with sofa and ratan storage for your children’s toys that placed on the entrance.
Clothes hangers made of black iron plus wooden benches and rattan storage that placed on the rack.
Simple wooden clothes hanger design combined with storage underneath and plants that placed beside it.
Rustic clothes hangers combined with wooden benches placed at the entrance for more complete decoration.
Hangers that applied into the wooden cabinets with rattan storages above the hangers.

image source

Modern clothes hangers combined with storage from rattan and sofas make the entrance decoration looks cooler.

image source

So, if you are a fan of antique style, then hopefully these entryway ideas can inspire you. You can either use original antique pieces or build new ones with the same style.

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