The holiday season this year will be different as you will probably spend most of your time at home because of the pandemic. Guest lists will be smaller, there will be fewer party invitations, and travel plans will take a backseat for most. However, one thing that wouldn’t change is the risk of thefts and burglaries. Additionally, there are risks of fire and short circuits with electric lighting around. As a homeowner, you need to be conscious about keeping your living space safe from these threats. Here is a holiday season safety guide that you can follow to secure your home this Christmas.

Deck up safely

While you will want your home to look bright and beautiful, safety is a vital factor to consider while decorating the place. Lighting and electronics pose potential risks, so make sure that the cords and plugs from the last season are still in good condition. Avoid overloading outlets to curb the risk of short circuits. It is advisable to turn the lights off when going to bed. Alternatively, you can set a timer or invest in a smart plug.  Keep candles and open flames away from the Christmas tree to avoid accidents.

Pay attention to the safety of outdoor packages

Since the pandemic season has seen a surge in online shopping, you can expect a lot of stuff dropped on your doorstep. It becomes vital to go the extra mile with the safety of outdoor packages. The best suggestion is to pick them at the earliest because unsupervised packages sitting outside are an attractive target for people with wrong intentions. You can opt for security devices like alarm systems, smart lights, and video doorbells for extra safety this season and ahead. 

Go the extra mile with the indoor security

Apart from ensuring the safety of online deliveries, you need to go the extra mile with indoor security. If you are looking to buy a new appliance for your home this Christmas, you can browse through nest home security solutions to find something that fits your needs and budget. It is a worthwhile investment for this holiday season, and you will end up deriving the benefits of a safer living space year after year.

Avoid oversharing on social media

Although you may be super-excited about something you bought or an incredible gift you received this Christmas, it isn’t a great idea to share the details on social media. Showing off expensive stuff or sharing your travel plans with strangers does not make sense because it only attracts unwanted attention and makes you an alluring target for criminals. So it is best to keep things under wraps and not overshare. 

Prioritize community safety

Holidays are about spreading the festive cheer, so prioritizing community safety this season is a great idea. Although you may not be able to visit the neighbors personally due to social distancing norms, stay connected. It makes everyone feel safer and more confident because people are sure that those around them are vigilant about their security.

Home security always matters, but it becomes a tad more crucial during the festive season. The last thing you should do amid the celebrations is to get complacent about it because you would want the festival to bring only joy and no stress.

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