Simple winter front porch decoration

During winter, you can still enjoy your moment outside although the weather might be too cold. In this case, the possible spot is your porch. Decorating your porch by giving the winter touches ornament will be perfect to really strengthen the season spirit. Also, don’t forget the additional stuff to give you extra comfort related to the weather.

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Cozy Chair with Warm Pad

If you only have the common chairs, bench, or seating for your porch. It’s time for you to give an extra warm pad on it. Not only make you more comfortable, but it also allows you to feel the warmth from the pad. In this case, choose the right pad cover material. We do advise you not to use the sleek leather material.


Rocking chairs with cushions on top provide comfort and warmth in winter. Pads with a checkered pattern will give a more beautiful appearance. Plaid Chairs Pad from Frontporchideasandmore.


Placing Rocking Chairs equipped with snowman pads will provide comfort and bring a more real winter look. Snowman Chair Pad from Frontporchideasandmore.


You can equip your winter porch with furniture for relaxing. Chair pads are ideal for winter because they provide the perfect comfort. White Chair Pad from Thenaptimereviewer.


White rocking chairs equipped with soft and thick Pads will provide warmth on your winter front porch. White Rocking Chairs from Worthingcourtblog.


Wooden chairs with soft white pads will bring a warm farmhouse touch on your winter terrace so that it feels more comfortable. Wooden Pad Chair from Onekindesign.

Warm Rug

Your feet will be the body parts that should be protected well during winter. That is why providing a warm rug is really recommended for your porch decoration. In this case, the furry material could be the best choice, however, the jute material can also provide warmth in a different style. Simply choose the one that harmonious with the style you want to bring.

2 farmhouse-style-porch-decorating-ideas-16-1-kindesign

Fur rug will provide perfect warmth through your feet so your winter will pass comfortably. Fur Rug from Onekindesign.


Wide jute carpet that spreads out on your front porch will bring a farmhouse touch to your winter decor so that it will provide a natural warmth. Wide Jute Carpet from Hometalk.


To create warmth on your winter porch, adding rugs and cushions is a great idea. You can use a jute rug so that it will bring out a classic natural feel. Jute Rug from Prettydesigns.

2 farmhouse-style-porch-decorating-ideas-22-1-kindesign

Using a rug to complement your winter porch front decor is the perfect idea. A jute rug will provide the perfect warmth with a lovely farmhouse touch. Jute Carpet from Onekindesign.

3 cozy-christmas-back-porch-7-of-19

Complementing the winter porch décor with a rug will provide the perfect warmth. You can choose to use a jute rug so it will look more classic and natural. Jute Carpet from Blesserhouse.

Winter Touch Ornament

Talking about winter ornament, it won’t be far from the evergreen, pinecone, twig, berries, lighting, snowy things, or snowflake. Here, don’t be far from that stuff. You can check out our recommendations here for your references.


Snowflake garland made of paper that hangs on your front porch looks simple but will make your winter decorations even more real. Snowflake Garland from Homedit.

1 outdoor-christmas-decorating-ideas-05-1-kindesign

Placing a snowy evergreen tree on your porch will give you a simple look but it’s perfect for winter decor as it suits the current atmosphere. Snowy Evergreen Tree from Onekindesign.

1 outdoor-christmas-decorating-ideas-16-1-kindesign

Pine cones in wooden boxes will add a farmhouse touch to your winter patio decor and will provide a natural warmth. Pine Cones from Onekindesign.

1 outdoor-christmas-decorating-ideas-21-1-kindesign

Evergreen and redberries in pot barrels will give a fresh look to your patio decor. The twig wreath with ribbons and evergreens will be a classic looking focal point on your front porch. Evergreen and Redberries from Onekindesign.


You can bring a winter feel by placing the evergreen tree on the front porch. Complementing it with fairy lights will give you a brighter and more festive look. Evergreen Tree from Onecrazyhouse.

Front Door Ornament

Well, the front door is also included in the porch part, then, you should give the touch of winter there. It is quite easy to decorate your front door. Just simply hang garland or wreath with a winter theme to show the season’s atmosphere.


Hanging wreath on the front door will make your winter decorations look more complete. Adding a sprinkling of white powder will give it a snowy feel and will suit the winter mood. Hanging Snowy Wreath from Digsdigs.

2 beautiful-christmas-porch-ideas-festive-christmas-porch-ideas-by-home-stories-a-to-z

DIY Evergreen wreath with red balls and Santa shoes looks great for your winter decoration. Hanging it on the front door using red ribbon will make your porch look perfect. DIY Evergreen Wreath from Homestoriesatoz.

2 beautiful-christmas-porch-ideas-woodland-inspired-front-porch-by-city-farmhouse

Pine Cone Wreath hanging on the doorstep using red ribbon will bring the perfect farmhouse touch to make your winter decor warmer. Pine Cone Wreath from Homestoriesatoz.

1 14-christmas-porch-decoration-ideas-homebnc

The trio of wreaths with string lights hanging on the front door for your winter décor look ideal. Because in addition to providing lighting, it will provide attractive beauty. Trio Wreath from Homebnc.


Evergreen wreath with pine cones and red berries will make for the perfect winter look. Hanging it on the front door will be a focal point that looks stunning. Evergreen Wreath from Architectureartdesigns.

Best Lighting

Lighting really plays such a big role in any decoration including your winter porch decoration. Related to winter decoration, the lighting could bring the warm ambience if you put the right decorative lighting that has the capability to create such an impression.


Glass lanterns with candles for winter front porch lighting ideas will give the perfect look. The string light wrapped around the pole will enhance your front porch look. Glass Lantern from Gardenoholic. (1)

Choosing to use a Christmas Tree with fairy lights for your front porch decoration idea will bring dreamy lighting and make your winter look more festive. Christmas Tree with Fairy Lights from Anestwithayard.


Placing zinc and glass lanterns on top of your patio bench will provide classic looking lighting for your winter decor. Lantern from Gardenoholic.

1 04-christmas-porch-decoration-ideas-homebnc

Decorative string light with red balls and Evergreen for lighting idea on the front porch will present a beautiful and attractive appearance. Decorative String Light from Homebnc.


Christmas tree lighting will give a cheerful and festive look to your front porch decoration. Adding a candle that is placed on the chair will provide a soothing dim light. Christmas Tree Lighting from Woohome.

Provide each of those point ideas if you want to have the perfect and cozy winter porch decoration. Talking about the style decoration concept, it would be up to you, but, providing each part of the ideas is such a must. Good luck!

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