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Creating warmth in the living room is such a must since it will be the place where you spend your time together with your family or close friends. During winter, there are things that you should adjust to the living room decoration so that the place still can be proper to be the gathering spot. In this case, besides the furniture and accessories that can be said as something a must, you should also consider the greenery. Remember that greenery will always be able to create any fresh, warm, and intimate to any room decoration.

30 fresh living room decoration with greenery this winter5

Basically, there are so many greenery ideas that you can bring to your living room. However, since it is winter, then you should choose the greenery that can be easily live in any weather condition, low maintenance, and easy to grow. Besides the succulent, you can also have the big plants to give the stand out effect. Put the greenery to the floor near the fireplace, on the top side of the fireplace, on the coffee table, and more. Here are some pretty greenery application ideas that you can copy.


Placing bird of paradise plants next to the fireplace will bring a fresh look to your winter living room. Bird of Paradise Plants from Fancyfantacy. Contemporary-living-room-greenery-decoration-to-inspire-12

The decoration of the winter living room with greenery will present a natural and beautiful look. You can use broadleaf plants so they will look fresh. Broadleaf Plants from Fancyfantacy.


Placing vines on a wall shelf looks simple but will provide stunning beauty in your living room. Vines from Fancyfantacy.


The rattan potted plant placed in the living room looks simple but will enhance your winter decor and look different than usual. Rattan Potted Plant from Fancyfantacy.


To create a natural feel in your living room, adding plants is an interesting idea. Placing broadleaf plants in the corner of your living room will be a special attraction. Broadleaf Plants from Fancyfantacy.


The Medium Tree in the corner of the living room and the potted plants on the table provide a stunning natural feel in winter so it looks even better. Corner Medium Tree from Fancyfantacy.


You can place plants in the corner of your winter living room for a natural and refreshing look so that it feels more comfortable. Corner Plants from Fancyfantacy.


Placing a mini evergreen tree on your coffee table will bring out the perfect winter feel. Giving it a sprinkling of white powder will give a snowy impression so it will make your winter look perfect. Mini Evergreen Tree from Abouther.


The Parlor Palm in the corner of the living room looks fresh and beautiful so it will enhance your winter living room decor with a natural touch. Parlor Palm from Thenateshow.


The palm plant in the corner of the living room will present a refreshing tropical look with a natural touch so that your winter will be different from usual. Palm Plant from Thenateshow.


The potted palm beside the sofa looks perfect with a natural look to complement your winter décor so it looks perfect. Potted Palm from Apartmenttherapy.

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The snake plant will make your living room fresher and look beautiful so that it will make guests feel more comfortable. Snake Plants from Apartmenttherapy.

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To create a natural freshness in your winter living room, try adding some plants in there so it will look beautiful. Greenery from Apartmenttherapy.

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Your white tone looks bright and clean in winter. Equipping your living room with taro plants is a simple way to add a natural touch to the room. Taro Plants from Apartmenttherapy.

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Green potted plants placed on a hanging shelf in your living room will present a beautiful natural appearance and can make your living room healthier. Green Potted Plants from Apartmenttherapy.


Placing a tree in a corner will be a focal point in your living room and perfect for creating natural freshness. Corner Tree from Homestratosphere.


The living room decor in white shades looks bright and is perfect in winter. Adding large leaf plants in the corner of the living room will exude a natural beauty. Large Leaf Plants from Ohidesignstudio.


Complete your winter living room with greenery ideal in winter because it will present a tropical look that you cannot find in winter. Greenery from Modernhomedecor.

Completing your living room with green plants is the perfect idea to give your living room a natural freshness in winter. Fresh Greenery from Modernhomedecor.


The Bird of Paradise tree in the living room will give you a beautiful natural look and can be uplifting in your winter. Bird of Paradise Tree from Elledecor.

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The monstered plant looks beautiful behind your living room sofa so it will attract the attention of everyone who sees it. Monstered Plant from Apartmenttherapy.

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Insects plant in the corner to enhance your winter living room decor so that the air becomes fresher. Insects plant from Homedesignlover.2 6-abad

You can use the corner of your living room to place plants. Insect plants are perfect indoor plants and keep the air fresh. Green Plants from Homedesignlover.

2 13-caitlin

You can place greenery in a winter living room to create different shades. Large leaf plants will do well in your living room making them perfect for winter. Large Leaf Plants from Homedesignlover.2 19-dallas

The addition of a palm tree in the living room will present an attractive and refreshing appearance so that your winter living room decor looks different than usual. Palm Tree from Homedesignlover.

2 20-tamara

The fiddle leaf fig plant is one of the plants that can live indoors so you can place it in your winter living room and will bring out its natural beauty. Fiddle Leaf Fig Plant from Homedesignlover.


The design of the winter living room which is furnished with a palm tree in the corner will bring out the perfect tropical look. Palm Tree from Homestratosphere.


Creating freshness in the living room by adding plants is an interesting idea. You can add succulent plants to the coffee table so that it will look attractive. Succulent Plants from Homestratosphere.

Shutterstock_44068336The greenery on the table will be a refreshing focal point in your winter living room and look more beautiful. Greenery from Homestratosphere.


A winter living room with greenery where it looks very fresh and natural so the air will feel healthier. Greenery placement from Homestratosphere.



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