Christmas craft you can make with your kids

Doing the craft for your Christmas decoration is really worth it. Not only for the on-budget reason but also to give a positive activity for your kids. Kids are creative in nature and love to create things. Here, you should prepare the craft projects that won’t be too difficult for them so that they can really enjoy the activity. Simply adjust the designs based on their ages related to the level of difficulties.  Also, use the materials that familiar to them to make them feel comfortable like bottle cap, paper, straw, ice cream stick, pipe cleaner, and more.

45 christmas craft you can make with your kids 1

Talking about the design, it is better for you to make something small not to make the kids feel exhausted. Have cute designs like Santa, snowman, deer, gingerbread, etc. Apply the colorful materials as you can even paint it that will be more fun for your kids. You can hang the ornament to decorate your Christmas tree, window, front door, fireplace, and any other spots your kids want to. Also, you can make the plastic cups craft by decorating the cups with a Christmas theme so that your whole family will enjoying the Christmas serving better.Ornamentsontree

Using ice cream sticks as a christmas ornament will be even more beneficial. You can turn them into reindeer, snowman and Santa and hang them on the Christmas tree so they will look attractive. DIY Christmas Ornament from Skintdad.

Diy-tp-roll-snowmen-11You can use a tissue roll to make Christmas crafts with the kids. Turning him into a snowman looks easy and is perfect for your Christmas decorations. Tissue Roll Snowman from Skintdad.


DIY Christmas tree made of ice pop sticks looks simple and easy to make. You can add mini pom poms as accessories to make it look nicer. DIY Christmas Tree from Diys.Holiday-centerpiece-idea-hershey-kiss-mas-tree-forest-wine-corks-1-of-14-3

Green Christmas Tree centerpiece made of paper is easy to make, making it perfect for your children’s activities at the Christmas party. Green Christmas Tree from Diys.


You can make a reindeer from your child’s handprint so it will be easier and cheaper but still look attractive. Handprint Reindeer from Alittlepinchofperfect.


DIY Santa Handprint for your Christmas decorations looks attractive and easy to make. You can use your child’s Handprint so it will look cuter. Handprint Santa from Alittlepinchofperfect.


Lets your kids to make Christmas crafts will please you. You can make a Christmas tree with handprints that is easy to look pretty. Handprint Christmas Tree from Alittlepinchofperfect.


Using washi tape to make wreaths is a creative idea. You can make it with your children because it is cheap and easy to make. Washi Tape Wreath from Diys.


DIY Santa Handprint made of paper looks simple but attractive. You can hang them in a red ribbon so they look better. DIY Handprint Santa from Architectureartdesigns.


The Pine Cone Santa with the beard made of cotton looks real. Hanging it on the Christmas tree looks simple and attractive. Pine Cone Santa from Architectureartdesigns.


Snowflake ornament made of ice cream sticks looks cute. You can add buttons as accessories so that it will look more beautiful. Sticks Snowflake from Architectureartdesigns.

Candy cane name ornament

Making candy cane from Knick knack with your children will be a fun moment. You can use it to complement your Christmas tree so that it looks stunning. DIY Candy Cane from Littlevintagecottage.

Craft stick elf

Christmas character ornaments made of ice cream sticks look very cute and easy to make so they are perfect for creating your children. Craft Stick Elf Ornament from Littlevintagecottage.Paper plate christmas decorations

Snowman and Reindeer are made of simple paper plates, cheap but still look perfect for your Christmas decorations. Adding cotton will be a beautiful accessory. Snowman and Reindeer from Littlevintagecottage.

Salt dough footprints

Snowman Footprints made of salt drought look unique. You can make it using your child’s footprint so it will look cuter. Footprints Snowman from Littlevintagecottage.


White and Red Christmas tree ornament made of cup cake looks unique. Adding hemp rope will give you a simple rustic look. White and Red Christmas Tree from Diys.

Christmas Tree Ornament Gingerbread from DIY Balls ornaments made of colorful pom poms will bring a more festive look to your Christmas decorations. Pom Pom Ball Ornament from Diys.


You can do DIY projects for your Christmas decorations. DIY Reeinder made of clothespins looks simple and unique. DIY Reindeer from Diys.


Using a tissue roll for your Christmas decorations is an interesting idea. You can turn them into Santa so they look creative. Roll Tissue Santa from Diys.


A decorative jar with a strip of tissue will create a snowman character. Adding a candle in the jar will give it a beautiful and radiant look. Jar Snowman from Diys.


The Christmas tree paper chain hanging on the door is perfect for children and is easy to make so it will look creative. Christmas Tree Paper Chain from Brightstarkids.


Using a cup cake to make a Christmas tree is the right idea for your Christmas decorations and is easy to make with children. Cup Cake Christmas Tree from Brightstarkids.Handprint-footprint-salt-dough-ornaments-e1446000375995-640x701

DIY salt dough Santa and reindeer using your child’s hand and foot prints is an interesting idea. You can hang it on the Christmas tree so that it will become an interesting focal point. Salt Dough Ornaments from Brightstarkids.


Try to be creative for your Christmas decorations. Making a paper straw christmas tree with your child will be a fun project for them because it is so easy to make. Paper Straw Christmas Tree from Brightstarkids.


You can be creative with your children by making Christmas ornaments to complement your decorations using a Pop Stick. Create several characters using sticks and flannel so that it will look interesting. Christmas Paddle Pop Stick Characters from Brightstarkids.


DIY Ribbons Christmas Tree ornament is suitable for your children’s activities because it is easy to make. You can hang it on the Christmas tree and it will look perfect. Ribbon Christmas Tree Ornament from Brightstarkids.


DIY Gingerbread hanging on a Christmas tree is easy to make and looks good so it will make your Christmas decorations look even better. Gingerbread from Crazylittleprojects.


Painted snowman jar is very easy and suitable for children. You can hang it on the Christmas tree to make your Christmas more festive. Jar Snowman from Crazylittleprojects.


Doing a DIY Wreath Handprint project for your children is an interesting idea that will increase the creativity of your children. Hand Print Paper Wreath from Crazylittleprojects.


You can make DIY Reindeers from cardboard to complement your Christmas decorations so that it will make your Christmas more festive. Chalkboard Reindeer from Crazylittleprojects.


Pot decoration with Santa characters looks simple and interesting to do with your children. You can make a Santa hat out of funnel fabric to make it look more beautiful. Santa Pot from Crazylittleprojects.


Use ice cream sticks to make Christmas crafts with your child. Turning them into snowflakes with glitter sprinkled on them will make her look even prettier. Glitter Snowflake Ornament from Onecrazymom.


Santa made of paper plates and cotton balls looks attractive and easy to make. So it is suitable to be completed with your child. Paper Plate Santa from Onecrazymom.


You can use plastic rolls to make a snowman and you can do this with your child. Because it is very easy and simple but still looks creative. Paper Roll Snowman from Onecrazymom.

1 bottle-cap-snowmen

You can invite the child to make a snowman out of a bottle cap so that it will create memorable memories. Painting Snowman the bottle cap white will make it look more real. Bottle Cap Snowmen from Christmas.365greetings.

1 craft-stick-snowflake-ornaments

Snowflakes made of ice cream sticks look easy for your kids. Paint the stick, then glue it with glue and add Knick knacks to make it look better. Snowflake Ornaments from Christmas.365greetings.

1 easy-paper-christmas-wreath

Paper Wreath is a craft that is easy to make with children. Allowing children to support their own paper will make them feel happy. Paper Christmas Wreath from Christmas.365greetings.

1 jolly-java-jackets-christmas-craft

Teaching your child to recycle items will make him more creative. You can turn the colorful socks into a Christmas cup holder so they will look prettier. Christmas Cup Holders from Christmas.365greetings.

1 paper-chain-christmas-craft-534x1024

DIY Christmas tree paper garland is easy to make and looks creative. You can hang it on the door so that it will become an interesting-looking focus point. Christmas Tree Garland from Christmas.365greetings.1 paper-plate-santa-claus-christmas-craft

Santa Claus made of paper plates will be a DIY project that you can do with your child. Because it is easy to make and can teach the importance of recycling items for your child. Paper Plate Santa from Christmas.365greetings.

1 puzzle-pieces-christmas-craft

Making snowflakes from puzzle is a DIY project that is suitable for your children and looks creative to complement your Christmas decorations. Puzzle Snowflake Ornament from Christmas.365greetings.

1 sock-snowman-christmas-craft

Reusing used socks for Christmas ornaments is a creative idea. You can use it to make snowman with your child so that it will feel more fun. Snowman Socks from Christmas.365greetings.


Simple and easy Christmas tree hanger made of paper. You can make together with your child at home adding doily paper on top to make it look more beautiful. Christmas Tree Ornament from Christmas.365greetings.


DIY Christmas tree made of sticks for your Christmas decorations can be made easily so you can make it with your children. Sticks Christmas Trees from Cutediyprojects.Reindeer-gift-bag

Reindeer Gift warp is one of the Christmas crafts that you can make with your children. Because it is very easy to make, you just need to use brown paper, some accessories and glue to make it. Reindeer Gift Warp from Cutediyprojects.

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