Perfect christmas lighting to enliven your home decor

Enliven your home to welcome the Christmas celebration is such a must. From all of the ways to do it, installing the lighting is the easiest one and also effective to create the ambiance you need. There are varied kinds of lighting that you can choose from. You can even combine two or more lighting to really enliven the decoration. Go get the references don below.

25 perfect christmas lighting to enliven your home decor 1

String Lamp

It could be said that the string lamp is the most flexible one to be installed. It can even be used to be the additional material for your ornaments like a Christmas tree, garland, wreath, and more. Also just by simply installing it to the wall, stair, or window is awesome already. Choose the star lamp shape if you are bored with the bulb one.

3 gallery-1509572235-img-5418

DIY Christmas tree made of twigs will give your farmhouse a warm look. Adding string lights will give the lighting a beautiful look. String Light from Countryliving.


Star string lights will provide beautiful lighting and are suitable for your Christmas decoration ideas. Hanging it from the window will be an interesting focal point so it can inspire. Star String Light from Shelterness.

4 3.-string-light-tree

String light Christmas tree on the wall will be a wonderful lighting idea. It will also be the perfect focal point in your Christmas decorations so it can attract attention. String Light Christmas Tree from Christmas.365greetings.

4 12.-shimmery-stairs

Evergreen garland with red Christmas balls will make your Christmas decorations look festive. Adding a string light will provide beautiful lighting for your Christmas celebration. String Light Garland from Christmas.365greetings.

4 34.-wrap-a-string-of-light-on-the-reindeer’s-horns

Decorative walls with string lights will add excitement to your Christmas celebration. You can choose the star string light so that it will look more beautiful and cute. Star String Light from Christmas.365greetings.


Using string lights for Christmas lighting is an interesting idea. You can choose white string lights and shape them into a Christmas tree so it will look beautiful and bright. White String Light from Christmas.365greetings.

Fairy Lighting

With its tiny light in hundreds of amounts, fairy lighting can give such a magical impression. You can place the light on the jar, vase, glass, or lantern. To make it prettier, add some other materials or ornaments like a Christmas ball, small Christmas tree, deer, etc.


Fairy Lighting in black lantern will provide beautiful lighting for your Christmas decorations. Adding the red and gold Christmas ball will make it look perfect. Fairy Lighting from Theartinlife.


You can use fairy lighting for your Christmas decorations so that it will give a beautiful appearance. Putting it in a glass lantern will enhance your decor so that it looks perfect. Decorative Fairy Lighting from Digsdigs.


Vase fairy lighting will provide beautiful and attractive lighting so you can use it for your Christmas decorations. Adding colorful christmas balls, pine cone and evergreen leaves so that it will complement your christmas decoration. Vase Fairy Lighting from Homebnc.


Shadow box with Christmas tree ornaments will complement your Christmas decorations. Adding fairy lighting will provide beautiful lighting that can inspire. Shadow Box Fairy Lighting from Diyncrafts.


DIY fairy lighting jar for lighting ideas is very easy to make and you can try it. Placing it on the tray and adding some ornaments such as pine cone and evergreen will make your lighting look more attractive. Jar Fairy Lighting from Makinglemonadeblog.


Fairy lighting on the glass jar will provide bright lighting and look beautiful. You can place it on a wooden bench and add evergreen on the side so it looks fresher. Glass Jar Fairy Lighting from Theeverygirl.

Decorative Candle

It can be said as the most common decorative lighting and you might have been familiar with this. Choose the concept that you want to have then find the materials. Since there are so many designs of it, here we are going to give the references to give you ease in finding the ideas.


Candles will provide soothing lighting for your Christmas decorations. You can use a jar candle holder and sprinkle redberries in it so it will look better. Jar Candle Holder from Christmas.snydle.

A white candle decorated with red washi tape glitter will give a beautiful and attractive look. Placing it on a gold plate and adding a red Christmas ball will make your lighting idea look fabulous. White Candles from Christmas.snydle.


A colorful sweater covered candle looks simple but will give you a dancing look. Adding Christmas balls, red berries, and evergreens around it for a simple Christmas look. Colorful Sweater Covered Candles from Christmas.snydle.


Decorative candles using yarn and placed on wooden trays look classic. Pinecone and Christmas balls will enhance your Christmas decorations so they look festive. Decorative Candles from Christmas.snydle.


White candle with evergreens looks fresh and natural for your lighting ideas. Adding candy cane and gingerbread will give the perfect Christmas touch. White Candle from Homedit.

1 christmas-candle-decoration-ideas10

Red plaid candles with evergreens and gingerbread will make your Christmas lighting look more beautiful. Adding a red ribbon as an accessory will make it look even more beautiful. Red Plaid candles from Homedit.

1 christmas-candle-decoration-ideas20

Simple Christmas lighting with candles will provide dim and soothing lighting. Adding pine cones to decorate your candles will present an attractive rustic look. Decorative Candles from Homedit.


If you want a classic yet elegant impression, you can choose the lantern lighting. The decorative lantern lighting can also be given with additional accessories to create the theme. For example, you can add berries to the bottom of the lantern, dried fruits, evergreen, Christmas ball, and more. Just free yourself to pick the concept.


A glass lantern with a candle inside for your Christmas lighting idea will give you a classic look. You can add red berries so that it will look more beautiful. Glass Lantern from Theartinlife.

1 christmas-lantern-decoration-ideas-02

Using a black lantern centerpiece ideal for decorating your Christmas dining table. Adding evergreen, gold ribbon, and Christmas balls will make your Christmas decorations look festive. Black Lantern Centerpiece from Christmas.365greetings.
1 christmas-lantern-decoration-ideas-05

A single wooden lantern with an electric candle will provide an interesting light. Adding redberries and red Christmas balls will make your lighting look perfect. Wooden Lantern from Christmas.365greetings.

1 christmas-red-lanter

Red lantern with Christmas balls inside looks festive and is perfect for your Christmas lighting idea. Adding decorative ribbon and snowflake accessories will make your Lantern look even more beautiful. Red Lantern from Christmas.365greetings.

1 indoor-christmas-lantern

Using red lanterns with snowflakes, reindeer, and Christmas tree accents looks beautiful and attractive. You can use candles to complement your lantern so that it will provide beautiful and soothing light. Red Lantern from Christmas.365greetings.


Using black lanterns with candles in them for your home lighting ideas to look classic and attractive. Adding red berries will add a simple Christmas look. Black Lanterns from Digsdigs.



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