20 ways to bring the christmas tree to your home fi

When you think that the only way to bring the Christmas tree to your home is just a big standing tree, then you should keep reading it. Besides the big one, you can also add some small trees here and there. That will be really effective to strengthen the Christmas ambiance to your home which is really awesome to turn your home into the magical one. Here we have some small Christmas tree application references and also the big one to give you ideas in decorating it.

20 ways to bring the christmas tree to your home 1

Small Decorative Christmas Tree

If you want to bring the Christmas spirit easily, the Christmas tree is the best one. Here, you can provide the small Christmas trees on the coffee table, on the top side of the fireplace, on your kitchen island, even on the top side of your refrigerator. Just like the big one, you can decorate it with string lamps, Christmas ball, jingle bell, pinecone, and more.


A small Christmas tree on the table will bring a beautiful look to your Christmas decorations. Adding string lights will provide beautiful lighting and give it a festive look. Tabletop Small Christmas Tree from Hgtv.


A decorative small Christmas tree with snowflakes and other ornaments will give you an attractive appearance. You can place it on your foyer table so it will become the perfect focal point. Decorative Small Christmas Tree from Bhg.

1 miniature-tabletop-christmas-tree-decorating-ideas_02-2

Christmas Tree with the red pot box looks simple but still attractive. Hanging candy canes, lamps and a few other ornaments will make your Christmas tree decor look more festive. Simple Christmas Tree from Familyholiday.

1 miniature-tabletop-christmas-tree-decorating-ideas_011

Decorating your small Christmas tree with several ornaments is one way to enliven your Christmas celebration. Adding Snowflakes, balls, and garland to your Christmas tree will make it look more beautiful. DecorativeΒ  Small Christmas from Familyholiday.1 miniature-tabletop-christmas-tree-decorating-ideas_041

Completing the coffee table with a decorative small Christmas tree is ideal for Christmas celebrations. You can complement the small Christmas tree with reindeers, Gold Snowflake, and Gold Balls so it will look classy. Small Christmas Tree from Familyholiday.


The tabletop small Christmas tree with a wooden container will present a simple farmhouse appearance. Gingerbread ornaments, Gold Christmas balls, and twig Star will make your small Christmas tree look charming. Tabletop Christmas Tree from Hgtv.


The white small Christmas tree on the table looks bright and clean. Adding the colorful Christmas balls will present a beautiful and festive display. White Christmas Tree from Housebeautiful.


The evergreen Christmas tree on the countertop will give you a refreshing look. Decorating it with red Christmas balls and a striped Ribbon on top will make it look more festive. Evergreen Small Christmas Tree from Homedit.

2 02-a-small-tree-requires-small-scaled-ornaments-which-wont-take-much-space-and-will-look-appropriate

Filling in the corner of the living room will make your decoration look more perfect. You can place the small Christmas tree decorated with silver Christmas balls so that it will be the perfect focal point for your Christmas celebration. Corner Small Christmas Tree from Digsdig.


Mini Christmas tree decorated with red Christmas balls and Red ribbon looks perfect for your Christmas celebration. Adding a string light will provide the perfect lighting and make your Christmas tree look very festive. Mini Christmas Tree from Familyhandyman.

Big Standing Christmas Tree

Bring the concept to your Christmas tree decoration. Decide whether you want to have the classic one, farmhouse, modern, boho, white color scheme, red color scheme, the festive one, and more! Just simply free yourself to pick the best one based on your personal taste. To help you find the ideas, here we have some big Christmas tree decoration references. Enjoy!


A Christmas tree with fairy light will provide perfect lighting and look beautiful at night. Adding red ribbons will give a bright and perfect look to your Christmas decorations. Festive Christmas Tree from Homebnc.05-christmas-tree-decoration-ideas-homebnc

A decorative Christmas tree with colorful balls, Snowflakes, and star ornament looks very pretty. Adding Jingle Bell will produce a sound that can enliven your Christmas celebration. Decorative Christmas Tree from Homebnc.


Standing Christmas Tree made of evergreens will bring a fresh look. You can add a ball ornament, fairy light and wrap a red ribbon so it will look perfect for your Christmas decorations. Standing Christmas Tree from Homebnc.10-christmas-tree-decoration-ideas-homebnc-768x1024@2x

A big Christmas tree with lots of candy cane hanging will enliven your Christmas celebration and your children really like it. Adding lights will make your Christmas tree look festive. Candy Cane Christmas Tree from Homebnc.

1 20-christmas-tree-decoration-ideas-homebnc

Completing your Christmas tree decorations with silver Christmas balls and snowflakes ornaments will make it look more beautiful. Sprinkling it with white powder will give it a snowy look so it looks perfect. Christmas Tree Decor from Homebnc.1 21-christmas-tree-decoration-ideas-homebnc

Gingerbread for Christmas tree decoration looks simple but still looks festive. Adding colorful balls, Striped Ribbon, and Snowflakes will complement your decor and look stunning. Gingerbread Christmas Tree from Homebnc.

3 red-christmas-tree

Red will never fail for your Christmas decoration ideas, especially for the Christmas tree. You can decorate the Christmas tree with red balls and red garland so that it will make your Christmas tree look more alive. Red Christmas Tree Decor fromΒ  Christmas.365greetings.

2 glam-pink-christmas-tree-decor-via-@allabouthomedesigns

Pink Christmas balls hanging on your Christmas tree will give you a glamorous look. Adding white cotton will give the impression of snow which is perfect and suits the outdoor atmosphere. Glamorous Christmas TreeΒ from Curatedinterior2 glam-silver-and-gold-metallic-christmas-tree-decor-via-house-of-silver-lining

The big Christmas tree that stands next to the fireplace looks very beautiful to complement your Christmas decorations. Decorating it with balls and fairy lighting will give you the perfect glamorous look. Big Christmas Tree from Curatedinterior.

Red-christmas-treeDecorating a Christmas tree in red tones will make it look lively and festive. You can use red Christmas balls and red ribbon wrapped around it so it looks perfect in a simple way. Big Red Christmas Tree from Inspiredbycharm.

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