Ways to apply bohemian decoration during winter

Winter always force you to have a decoration that can fulfill your needs in cold temperature. It won’t only about the proper furniture and accessories, but also about the impression that can bring a warm atmosphere to support all the warm stuff you have prepared. When talking about the proper decoration style to support all the needs, then Bohemian could be the best one you can have. Here are things that you should prepare and consider.

25 ways to apply bohemian decoration during winter 1


Here are the furniture examples that you can have. We have such a complete one from the sofa, chairs, cabinet, coffee table, and more. There are some characteristics of the Bohemian furniture style that will be quite different from others that you can check on down below.

Melody rattan storage cabinet - 3

Wicker rattan cupboard gives you a boho-furniture touch in the room decoration you like. Especially, a place for your book collection and some decoration to put on above this cupboard. The Design of the cupboard is simple, it’s half-open with a wicker rattan design to make it look amazing as well. This cupboard furniture from apartmenttherapy.


Elegant chair for a reading nook with a boho touch. This chair will be giving you the best comfy seating area. As well as bringing the boho decoration in your space with a piece of simple and elegant furniture that you must have too. Bohemian chair from apartmenttherapy.

At_product listing_pradera-cotton-rug

Leather sofa with a mocha color to give the room decoration more eye-catching. Especially, to complete the bohemian decor look in this space. This sofa gives the best boho furniture with a styled look. Bohemian sofa from apartmenttherapy.


Individual chair with a unique style and rattan homemade. Best of all, this bohemian chair gives you the best look for furniture. Also, giving the room a warmer feel and relaxable. Individual rattan chair from apartmenttherapy.

At_product listing_target-amaranthus-marble-table

Marble top coffee table gives you an affordable statement of boho furniture. The gold accent of the leg gives you a simply glamour look, as well. Boho coffee table from apartmenttherapy.


Comfortable armchairs with thick foam. A piece of boho furniture in the space gives you a great seating place with a style of decoration. Boho armchair from apartmenttherapy.


Botanical motifs. Much of bohemian furniture and decor reflects nature in one way or another like these pretty peacock chairs. Botanical motifs chair from curatedinterior.


A swing or hanging chair is the perfect addition to your bohemian-style room. By adding a thick cushion giving a comfortable to sit. Hanging chairs from curatedinterior.


Butterfly chairs give an option to decorate a perfect bohemian room. Simple and movable to adjust to where you want to be. Moreover, the leather elements give an extra comfortable feel. Butterfly chairs from curatedinterior.


For the ornament, you’ll find the colorful, patterned, and even more artistic than the others. You can even combine any colors together without worrying about being too much. However, there are also some Boho ornaments in a soft single color but commonly in neutral colors like white, beige, or brown.


Hand-painted boho-chic ornaments in bold colors. This is one of the best choices for you to make for crafts. The simple but brave color look, as well. Hand-painted boho ornament from shelterness.


DIY dreamcatcher boho ornament. This budget-friendly decoration can be made from unused fabric. It will be giving a perfect look, as a result. This dream catcher boho ornament from shelterness.


Colorful fringe and crystal boho ornaments. Put a brave ornament for your decoration with these simple but eye-catching boho ornaments. The orange colors look bold. These boho ornaments from shelterness.


Hoop and feather bohemian ornaments. A cheap and easy to make boho ornaments for your best decoration. These hoop and feather ornaments from shelterness.


DIY dip-dyed tassel bead ornaments. To get an awesome decoration with these boho ornaments. This could be an eye-catching decoration with blue accent colors. Tassel bead ornaments from shelterness.


Wrapped crystal ornament. To get a boho touch you can add a simple boho ornament like this one. Simply wrap the crystal with a gold wire rope. Boho crystal ornament from shelterness.


Boho lux macrame feather ornament. This glamour look ornament giving you the best ideas to decorate your goods. These boho ornaments from shelterness.


Tassel boho ornament to complete your Christmas tree decoration. The white color giving the best look of holiness symbol. This tasse boho ornament from songbirdblog.


The accessories will be about the rug or carpet, throw blanket, cushions, or the additional pretty patterned fabric. Again, there are also some Boho accessories in plain simple colors as follows.


Add a full carpet to cover the floor. The soft brown color of the carpet will get a harmonious look. Especially, for your bohemian style decoration. Bohemian carpet from curatedinterior.


A colorful throw pillows. The brighter the color, the better! From woven pillows to fringed pillows, there are so many boho style pillows to choose from when decorating. Throw pillow from curatedinterior.


This is one of the most quintessential elements of bohemian style. Floor cushions promote conversation and casual lounging. The pink accent gives a brighter and brave statement. Floor cushion from curatedinterior.


White fur is one of the must-have elements for bohemian decor. It shows how to be a comfortable place and simply an add-on. A Fur blanket from curatedinterior.


Cozy pouf with boho-style. The black and white color scheme means this pouf is an easy way to make a statement. Without going too overboard with patterns. It’s a perfect way to decorate your room. Bohemian pouf from apartmenttherapy.


Some cushion to make the seating place feels comfy enough as well as giving a boho-style look. Moreover, this Daybed will be giving you the best relaxing place with a bohemian style inside. Bohemian cushion from apartmenttherapy.

At_product listing_modrn-jute-area-rug

Boundary carpet with boho-style to get complete the room decoration with this simple furniture ideas. The wicker carpet giving you the best look of boho-touch for your room, as a result. The round carpet from apartmenttherapy.


A beaded chandelier can give the perfect Boho vibe, too. Here is a DIY project for crafting your own!. A beaded chandelier from curatedinterior.

By providing all of those decoration aspects, you won’t be failed to create the proper Bohemian style that can give you comfort during winter. Give the complete facilities and additional stuff so that it could work well for your whole family member.

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