20 any craft ideas you can make by using pine cone

For you who want to have cheap craft projects, then choosing the pinecone as the material is the best choice. Not only cheap but it also really flexible to be made into varied ornaments, furniture decoration, just anything! Although you might need other additional materials you can always adjust them based on your budget and capability in having them. The other interesting thing about the pinecone is that you can use it to create any decoration style as you just need to color it or giving the touches based on the style characteristic.

20 any craft ideas you can make by using pine cone 1

When talking about the crafts which are possible to be made, you can create some hanging ornaments such as a wreath, garland, window hanging ornament, or even Christmas tree hanging ornament. Also, you can simply set it in a bowl or basket and decorate it to be your coffee table ornament, dining table centerpiece, or just any spot you want. Please check out our craft ideas below and find out how impressive the pinecone could be.


Cool DIY rustic pinecone tree. You can properly dive into the holiday season with this awesome crafted pinecone tree. It works especially well when you utilize pinecones of various sizes as it makes for a more realistic looking “tree”. Pinecone tree from homebnc.


Unique dipped pinecone fire starter favors. This fire starter project is a fun way to stick to the vibe of the season. You can give a blue and deep red color to enhance the decoration. Pinecone fire starter favors from hgtv


Door hanging pinecone decorative arrangement. These can hang from any door in your home too so you can bring in the holiday fun everywhere. Keep them as-is or paint them to match your other décor. Hanging pinecone from hgtv


Joyful pinecone Christmas tree ornaments. They can work well with any other ornaments as they add a nice rustic accent to the rest of your tree. This gives you space to throw on additional seasonal-themed décor to the pinecones as well from ribbons to faux berries. Pinecone ornaments from hgtv


Evergreen pinecone kissing ball for your doorway. For this Pinecone Kissing Ball, use a Styrofoam ball as the base, make a loop with brown satin ribbon, and attach it to the top of the ball. Evergreen pinecone from hgtv


Pinecone in wintery lights. A row of these Snowy Pinecone Votive Candle Jars will add a festive touch to your table setting or any room. Especially, for Christmas decoration. Pinecone wintery lights from hgtv


Pinecone wreath with pom pom polka dots. This Pinecone Wreath with Pompom Polka Dots creates a festive touch above your mantel. Attach pinecones to a wire wreath frame, glue on miniature pompoms, and you are ready to hang your wreath. Pinecone wreath from hgtv.


Pinecone napkin rings tied with a bow. For a natural table decor, choose these Pinecone Napkin Rings. These Pinecone Napkin Rings add just the right touch to your natural table decor. Pinecone napkin from hgtv.


Little red pinecone fox. This Little Red Pinecone Fox will add some fun to your woodland Christmas displays. Simply to do by yourself. Pinecone fox from hgtv.


Santa and the red pinecone wreath. This Red Santa Belt Wreath will add Christmas cheer to your front door. Paint the pine cones red, attach them to a wire wreath frame. Red pinecone wreath from hgtv.


Pinecone fire starter makes a great gift. Dip pinecones in colored, scented candle wax. Place a Pinecone Fire Starter at each place setting. Pinecone gift from hgtv.


Elegant pine cone candle holders cast a warm glow. These Elegant Pinecone Candle Holders are created with large pinecones. Remove the top of the pinecone, insert metal candle holders. Pinecone candle holders from hgtv.


Dangling sparkly snow pine cones. Just cover the pinecones with white glitter, attach a white cord, and hang them from your tree. Sparkly pine cone from hgtv.


Pinecone forest of a mini Christmas tree. Create Mini Christmas Trees with small pine cones. Paint the pine cones green, attach them to wine corks, and top them with wood stars. Pinecone forest from hgtv.


Charming rudolph the red-nosed reindeer pine cone ornament. Use brown pipe cleaners for antlers, wiggle eyes, and a large red pom pom for the nose. Pinecone reindeer from hgtv.


Pinecone star of wonder. Hanging this Pinecone Star over a fireplace with pine roping on the mantel creates a focal point in your room. Pinecone star from hgtv.


Natural pine cone hung with a bow. Give your Christmas tree a natural look with these Pinecone Ornaments hung with twine and topped with a tan satin ribbon. Easy pine cone ornament from hgtv.


Simple pine cone tree on a pedestal. The pinecones are attached to a Styrofoam cone, and a raised cake plate is used for the base. Pinecone tree crafts from hgtv.

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Santa’s whimsical pine cone wood elves. These cute Pinecone Elves have wooden ball heads; felt scarves, mittens, and feet; and jingle bell topped, cone-shaped felt hats. Pinecone wood elves from hgtv.


Visions of gumdrop pine cone ornaments. Colorful Gumdrop Pinecone Ornaments add a woodland feel to your Christmas tree. Gumdrop pinecone ornament from hgtv.



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