25 mantel designs to welcome spring season

During spring, you will still need the mantel although not as intense as winter. That is why we recommend you to decorate your mantel so that it can be seen as if it is used. Also, it will be great to put the spring spirit to your mantel to strengthen the season atmosphere. You can really enjoy your spring days while maintaining the warmth of your room to give you extra coziness.

25 mantel designs to welcome spring season5

To bring the spring spirit, you can choose to have a colorful decoration or the calm one. The colorful decoration will fit well with the season because, during spring, there will be colorful flowers blooming. You can bring the blooming in form of a garland or wreath. Or, simply put a vase of flowers there. However, if you don’t like the colorful one, the calm decoration still worth it also. For example, you can put the greenery, dried leaves and flowers, or other plants product in calm neutral colors. Here are the ideas you can have.


Using light pastel colors incorporating a little pop of blue to the whole setting. Along with a massive starburst mirror is the key to this splendid layered spring mantle. Layered spring mantel from warmcozyhome


Intended imperfections. It features long candlesticks adorned with round balls of moss. A chic monogram with 3 dimension awesomeness, and a thick wreath. Spring mantel decor from warmcozyhome


Right from super cute bunnies to so many candles placed over and under the mantle, from thick luscious wreaths to rustic burlap ribbons and bows. Spring worthy luscious mantel from warmcozyhome


This spring mantel decor is a perfect example of the same. A large empty frame finds a lovely wreath in the center, while solid black candlesticks hold huge candles with true grace. Combo candle glow from warmcozyhome


Large glass bottles holding faux spring blooms sit on the mantle while looking oh so true to life. Lots of tiny nests placed inside picture frames, and a transferware in blue and white. Spring nests mantle from warmcozyhome


An uber-cool print saying “you make my heart sign” is the most precious thing about this mantle, rightly accompanied by a rustic wood frame. Prints and frame from warmcozyhome


An Easter tablescape creates right above the fireplace as glorious as this one. Three faux boxwood wreaths and a picture frame hanging from a metal art piece above the mantel. Spring mantel from warmcozyhome


A dark wood frame is coated with duck egg blue, going for a bright white for its interior designs. The wreath placed in the center of the frame sports just about every color of the rainbow. Glorious wreath from warmcozyhome


Celebrating the colors of spring while keeping the color scheme a bit natural and earthy is a rare phenomenon. However, this mantle decor inspiration does that quite effortlessly. Farmhouse fresh spring mantel from warmcozyhome


A great mantle decor reaches new heights of awesomeness with an equally beautiful backdrop. A large canvas is wrapped with some fabric or wrapping paper, further adding a glittery text garland. Large spring sign from warmcozyhome


Set against a neutral background, this lush leafy wreath creates a focal point while charming up the mantle. The icing on the cake here is a rustic flower box and a handful of table-top plants. Focal points from warmcozyhome


That wood bead garland in pretty colors and a chalkboard with a worn-out rusty frame make it hard not to notice this mantle decor. Minimal spring mantel decor from warmcozyhome


A peach-purple-pink-yellow wreath hanging from an old window frame with a burlap ribbon is another name for enchanting. And the spring pennant banner is something that the kiddos would adore to the core. Spring/Easter mantel from warmcozyhome


An expensive-looking vintage box features cheery toned eggs tucked into it. Having a large French antique mirror rest at the back with all its charm. Vintage antique mantel from warmcozyhome


The fireplace lined with bricks compliments the unfinished wooden panel forming the backdrop. Black candlesticks and a window frame with one glass panel removed to add more character, while small plants signify spring. Refresh spring mantel from warmcozyhome


This mantel is adorned with lots of green boxwood, along with silver and white accents. It has got blue-green watercolor floral print pillows, yellow tulips, and two disco balls for the shimmer. Shimmery spring from warmcozyhome


Show off your fresh plants on a nature-themed mantel this spring. Try a terrarium or two. There’s something shocking about plant growth. Growth plant mantle from homedit


Butterflies erupting on the wall, turquoise ceramic bunnies, and birds and flowers. Also, plenty of yellow to ring in the Easter season. Festive yellow mantel decor from homedit


Add in a paper (or fabric) garland. Although the use of garlands on the mantel can potentially be juvenile. Easter is a celebration of life, exhibited often through fresh color and pattern. Funky Easter mantel decor from homedit


For a fresh Easter mantel in a modern space, consider oversized photo mattes with miniature silhouettes. Coupled with a moss-covered initial, this mantel gives off a decidedly modern. Modern easter mantel from homedit


There’s something refreshing about symmetry in home décor, and this holds true for Easter-time décor as well. Atop a mantel is a perfect place to show symmetry – and because there is balance, each piece is noticed and appreciated. Symmetrical decor from homedit


Keep it classic & neutral. Black and white is a classic color combination, which means it’s a perfect stand-in for any season and any occasion. Natural colors and textural touches are thrown in as a nod to the season of rebirth and growth. Easter mantel from homedit


A green boxwood wreath provides the fresh color inside that we’re beginning to see outside. Scattering some sweet pastel eggs underneath the wreath. Greenery mantel decor from homedit


Deciding on the hue you want, from vibrant fuchsia to the palest of the pale, will be the hardest part because there are so many beautiful pinks to choose from. For example, this pink ball in the glass. Decor ideas from homedit


Consider carefully decorating a handful of Easter eggs and then displaying them (these white pedestals are sweet) on the corner of your mantel for a fresh, and understatedly chic, look. Eater mantel decor from homedit

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