20 posh decorative plant pots to beautify your home fi

Due to your home decoration, greenery will be one of the effective things that can bring out the beauty. Moreover, it is also effective to give a fresh and peaceful atmosphere to your home. It is because the nature that brings into your home. It can’t be doubted that nature is the best element for your home decoration. However, in providing the greenery into your home you have to serve the pots. Here are some great pot designs that you can choose from.

20 posh decorative plant pots to beautify your home 1

Painted Design

In case you want to have your own pot designs, you can paint them yourself. Here what you have to do first is by deciding on the design that you want. To make it look harmonious with your home style, then you could adjust it based on your home style. It means that you can apply the painting design whether it is modern, Bohemian, farmhouse, classic and more. Moreover, for the color combination, it could be based on the style design that wants to bring.

Decorative Plant Pots with black base and polka dot patterned using white with white color
Decorative Plant Pots for succulents with bright colors and gold colored bottom to make it look cute
Decorative cute pink Plant Pots with painted golden triangles for your inspiration
painted design with white and yellow zevron patterned for your succulent pots
Painted Design with unique patterns for planting succulents and looks beautiful for decoration inside the room
to beautify your succulent pots you can paint with your likeness to make it look beautiful when placed on your living room table
Decorative Chalkboard Plant Pots to give a different impression to your indoor decoration
simple Decorative Plant Pots in yellow and white for your succulents to make it look luxurious to beautify
Painted Design for your ornamental plant pots can be painted with words as you wish which is applied for painting pots
Painted Design for your potted plants is enough to paint two colors, yellow and white to create a good pot

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Applying Additional Accessories

Next, if you want to have a more stand out design or more unique look, you can create it by using the additional accessories. For your consideration, you can use rope, beads, or even lace. Basically, the additional accessories that you apply could be based on the style that you’ll bring. Here, you need to know well about the characteristics of your home style so that you can choose the right additional materials for your decorative pots.

so that your potted plants look like a farmhouse, you can add burlap straps to wrap around and tie a ribbon style for you to apply

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cute pink plant pots are added with gold beads on the top and around to make it look sparkling when exposed to light

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pot of your succulent plants to make it look beautiful can be added with white lace to be attached to the pot it will give a different impression

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lace plant pots with various patterns can be your inspiration to try

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Decorative Plant Pots to make it look funny you can add colorful pom poms to the pots

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Decorative Plant Pots with Glass Stone attached to the Pot to make it look classy
best Decorative Plant Pots with Ceramic Chip Mosaic to create a classy look
DIY plants pot for decoration at home you can add Wooden Stump accessories to make it look farmhouse style

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unique Decorative Plant Pots wrapped in knits for your succulent plants
You can use burlap straps to wrap around your plants pots to make them look different from the others

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Anyway, between the painted or those with the additional accessories are quite the same for the difficulties level. So that here, you can have just whatever you want. If don’t mind providing the additional accessories then just have it. Or, if you think that your painting skill is way better than the crafting skill, then simply paint your pots. Again, it is better if you can adjust your plant with the pot design. For the plant that doesn’t have colorful flowers, you can give the crowded pot design not to make it looks boring.


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