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This year’s summer is right around the corner, so it’s better for us to prepare our home for the summer bliss. We sure want to catch all the summer bliss experience to our home, all the fun and warm feeling from the porch to the backyard. This time we start from the porch.

5 enchanting porch ideas for summer 1


Distance Matters

One of the simplest porch ideas, to begin with, is scattering the placement of seating and other furniture. We need more room to breathe during hot days in summer, so scattering the furniture will give us that ‘room’. Putting small plants on the porch will help if you feel the scattering leaves too much room

monochromatic palette from bocadolobo

Red and black chair from bocadolobo

Lounging area reading from bocadolobo

Colorful flowers from bocadolobo

Add a Little Bit of Swing

Try adding porch swings. Let them hang on sitting areas or one of the porch’s sides and enjoy a gentle sway of summer wind. Porch swings do not only add comfort to the porch but can also make your porch stands out. Try to put additional outdoor cushions around the swing or table if the porch swings are in the sitting area.

Porch swing
Wooden swing from bhg

Rattan swing from bhg

Let Nature Be the Focus

If you want nature to be the center of attention on your porch, you can try the natural porch ideas. Use furniture that exposes the raw texture of the wood and be minimal with the design. 

Also, don’t use too much furniture, as we don’t want the furniture to get in our vision path. You can add small decorations such as rug and wall decorations made of natural material to spice up your nature-focused porch.

Old crate coffee table from countryliving

White wicker chairs from southernliving

Wicker chairs and carpets from countryliving

Wooden coffee table from countryliving

Wooden chair from countryliving

Be Different and Creative

Want to try something different with our porch during summer? Try the bohemian porch ideas. Try to mix and match different outdoor furniture, the colors and shapes don’t matter as long as they look nice sitting together. To bind those different elements into one cohesive theme, we can try to add a similar color accent to those elements.

Wicker chairs from digsdigs

Hanging delights

You just want to add a little touch, without doing major changes to the porch? These simple porch ideas will fit just right. Hang wind chimes or string lights to enhance the atmosphere on the porch.

Red and white wind chimes from theinspiredroom

Lighting ideas for screened porch lighting ideas for screened porch screened porch string lights home design ideas 1360 x 908
String light Ideas from crismatec

Not really hard, is it? Hopefully those simply enchanting porch ideas give you some inspiration. 

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