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There are many things you can do for your foyer. In fact, they are so many you might have trouble deciding which one is the best. If you want a stylish foyer design, here are 7 chic foyer design ideas with photos for your inspiration. 

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1. Stair Wall Desk Foyer 

If you have a small, narrow foyer that exists because of the stairs, you can try this stair wall desk foyer. The quarter sphere desk is hanged on the wall and can be used to put small decorations.

Foyer design with the combination of with wooden tables, paintings of horses and white walls, and other decorations under the stairs
Room decorations with wooden tables that have drawers, rattan chairs, rattan storage, and paintings placed on the stairs
Foyer design made of wood combined with a small wooden table, large paintings placed under the stairs
White foyer combined with a small table to put small decorations and paintings on it

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2. Wall Décor Side Foyer 

This is also a good design for small foyer, and you can build it on each side of the entrance wall. For this look, you will need to build stone brick as the base. Build closed cabinets on the upper and lower part. However, arrange the lower part as like a stair and put small plants over it.

Foyer decoration combining the wooden tables, pink flowers in patterned pots and cool patterned walls
Foyer decoration with drawer wood storage, greenery and other ornaments as a complement.
The foyer design is augmented by small blue wooden tables, small plants and other decorations for the beauty of the room
The foyer has the combination of white wood table with a drawer, orange flowers in a pot, two black lamps and a wooden box mirror
A room with a small multilevel table for shoe racks, small cactus plants and other ornaments that provide a complete set of decorations

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3. Cabinets and Mirror Foyer 

Need more space to store your stuff? Put a cabinet in your foyer. A cabinet with three drawers will be a good match with a round mirror with a metallic frame.

The foyer combining the drawer storage and a unique round mirror with wooden frames and green plants as a room freshener.

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Foyer decor with white patterned and drawer tables, round mirror with wooden frame in white paint and cactus plant in white container.
Foyer interior design ideas added with blue drawer storage, large round mirrors and green plants in white pots and other decorations

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4. Rustic Wooden Foyer 

This rustic style foyer is perfect if you want a more natural approach to your foyer. Put a long wooden desk and hang a painting with wooden frame. Don’t forget to put natural decorations such as plants and fake vegetables too.

A foyer decoration that combining multi level wooden tables, paintings attached to the walls and flowers in black facades
A simple foyer decoration with wooden storage that has 3 drawers, a wooden framed welcome painting, and flowers in a white vase as a room freshener
A foyer decoration that combining the wooden tables, baskets of iron, paintings on the white wall under the stairs and other decorations to add beauty.

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5. Minimalist White Foyer

A simple desk with round mirror is enough for a minimalist style. Put two white baskets under the desk and add other decorations such as vases, and framed photographs.

Minimalist foyer decoration in the room combining the a wooden table, two rattan storage baskets under the table, decorations on the table such as lamps and plants and a round mirror

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A foyer minimalist decor with a multi-store wooden drawer table, patterned rattan storage, lights to light the room, and paintings on the white wall
Foyer decoration with wooden table, mirror wooden frame and other decoration that looks simple
Foyer decoration combined with white paint walls, white chairs, glass tables, storage baskets and other white decorations
The foyer design of the room augmented by wooden tables, white paintings on the walls and green plants in glass vases to add to the freshness of the room

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6. Barn Themed Foyer

Put a desk in the free space beside your house’s stair. To get the barn-style, you will also need rattan baskets and vase with budding flowers. A painting of the same flower will add the aesthetic point.

Simple foyer decoration coupled with white painted wooden chairs, iron baskets and rattan under the chairs, paintings and other ornaments
Foyer decorations with wooden tables have drawers, rattan baskets under the table, pumpkin and flower decorations on the table and paintings
The foyer decoration added with wooden sofas, green plants, paintings on the bottom wall of the stairs and other decorations
The foyer designed with a wood drawer table, a rattan basket under a table, green plants in a vase and paintings with abstract motifs
Foyer decoration with wooden tables, iron baskets and rattan under the table, candle lamps and other decorations for the complement

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7. Traditional Style Foyer

Traditional look is nice and goes well with almost anything. For this foyer idea, you need a long mirror to be put on the wall, small chair, rattan basket and wooden decoration for the empty edge. To add more effect, you can use a carpet with a tribal pattern on it.

Design your foyer with a small wooden drawer table, a rattan basket underneath, a square mirror that looks very beautiful

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A foyer decoration added with wooden seats, rattan baskets under the seat, mirrored square and flowers hung on the wall as additional decoration

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Foyer decoration that combining the wooden table, a rattan basket under the table, a rectangular mirror with a white frame and decorative plates attached to the wall that looks unique

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Foyer is what connects the outside of the house with its inner part. If yours is still empty and you have no idea what to fill, just try any of these 7 chic foyer design ideas with photos. 

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