21 sophisticated coat closet entrance ideas fi

Clumping all your coats in a small space will make it look unsightly. It will become more problematic if you like to hang your coats in the entryway. Some people even need a dedicated room to make them organized. If you are interested in building one, read on, because we have three sophisticated coat closet entrance closet ideas just for you.


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This wooden storage bench with three removable rattan baskets is the perfect addition to any entryway. Not only does it provide a stylish and functional seating option, but the rattan baskets also offer ample space for organizing and storing various items, such as shoes, hats, and gloves. Its sturdy construction ensures durability, making it a long-lasting solution for keeping your entryway neat and tidy.

1. Contemporary Coat Entrance Closet

One of the contemporary coat closet entrance closet ideas you can try is a mudroom. White color combined with dark wood creates a modern aesthetic design, as well as the metallic doorknob for the lower compartments and the black steel hooks.

For its functionality, the closet has a top cabinet where you can put boxes in it. The lower compartments can be used for storing shoes. As for the middle part, you can hang your coats here. A well-designed mudroom can store a lot of coats since it has ten hooks. You can hang six coats on the front side, and two on each sideways.

Coat entrance closet where you can use it to hang the coat and store your shoes at the bottom.
White mudroom coat entrance closet to hang your coat that can also be used to hang your bag.

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White mudroom coat entrance closet consisting of several cabinets that you can use to store some of your clothes.

Image Source

White mudroom coat entrance closet to hang your clothes that added with rattan storage box at the top.

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Mudroom coat entrance closet made of wood where you provide a long wooden chair in the middle.

Image Source

White mudroom coat entrance closet with black classic hook.
Simple mudroom coat entrance closet that applied with hanging rack at the top to store house plant.

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2. Cute Colorful Coat Entrance Closet

Coat closet doesn’t always have to be so formal. If you want to make one with more color, try the cute colorful coat entrance closet idea. You can use any colors. However, make sure to keep it soft like white with pastel brown.

This closet has a long bench to sit with three sections of storage underneath to store many things. On the bench, put a mattress with softer color than the wall paint. It will perfectly match with other pastel-colored pillows. As for the hooks, use black metal ones attached to the wood to hang your coats. A wall cabinet can also make your closet better.

Cute pastel coat entrance closet that added with a hanging rack to store some storage boxes to make it looks neat.

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Simple dark blue coat entrance closet you can use to hang your bag too and at the bottom part for a shoe rack.

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Coat entrance closet in blue color that has a touch of gray which is perfect to apply for your home.

Image Source

Yellow coat entrance closet in the mudroom made of white wood so that your room cab be colorful.

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Green coat entrance closet to hang your clothes that added with wood attached to the wall completed with hook.
Navy blue coat entrance closet with hook attached to the wall to hang the things that added with long wooden bench.
Gray coat entrance closet with DIY hook to make it looks unique which added with a wooden bench to complete it.

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3. Wooden Coat Entrance Closet

This wooden coat entrance closet is perfect for you who likes a more natural approach. With two-row of lower compartments used as a shoe rack, this closet can store as many coats as you wish. Instead of hooks, it has a horizontal pole in which you can hang your coats with hangers.

However, if you put a lot of coats, it will look stuffy. Thus, you might want to have a door for the closet. A wooden sliding door will be perfect for this type.

Wooden coat entrance closet with the bench where you can store your shoes in underneath.
Wooden coat entrance closet with space under the bench where you can store your shoes so they are neatly arranged.
Orange entryway room with wooden coat entrance closet at the bottom that can be used to store your shoes and some towels.
Inspirational wooden coat entrance closet with wooden box pallet attached to your wall to store your shoes.
Dark wooden coat entrance closet where the bottom space used to store your shoes.
White wooden coat entrance closet with bench uses dark wood which the bottom part used to store shoes.
White and gray wooden coat entrance closet that able to store several objects to make it looks neat.

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Which one do you like? Hopefully, these three sophisticated coat closet entrance closet ideas can help you to build a space to organize your coats better.

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