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There are so many ways to entertain yourself and one of those is reading. Different from other activities, reading needs a cozy spot and calming atmosphere. In this case, creating the proper reading spot is really needed. You don’t need to push yourself to have the spacious one because what you need here is the cozy spot which can be had if you know exactly how to decorate it. Simply utilize any spot that you have in your house and provide some decoration based on your taste. Here we have some references for you.




Using the right furniture is one way to create comfort in your reading spot. Choosing to use a white wooden bench lets your feet stretch out so that it is more comfortable. Framed with bookshelves and glass windows at the back of the bench, it offers a very comfortable reading area. White Bench from Home Designing.


Built in bench pad which is equipped with colorful cushions will provide the perfect comfort in your reading room. Two side-by-side glass windows will allow direct sunlight to enter so that your reading room is healthier. Built in Bench with Colorful Cushions from Home Designing.


Using a wing chair to complement the reading room is a great idea as it will provide perfect comfort there. Adding a floor lamp to the lighting idea would be a perfect idea as it will provide the perfect lighting and make it easier for you to read. Wing Chair and Floor Lamp from Home Designing.


Placing a window seat can never go wrong, as it will offer the perfect outdoor freshness and natural lighting. Equipping the reading room with cushions and fur rugs will create the perfect warmth so that you will feel more comfortable when the sedan is there. Furniture Layout from Homedit.


Furniture selection is the first step to creating comfort in your reading room. try to use the cotton wing chair, because it has a smooth texture and also a wing that you can use to stretch your arms when tired of holding a book. Furniture Selection from Homedit.


Chair pad will provide perfect comfort when you are reading in the reading room. Complete your reading room with some decorations and art that reflect your style and personality so that your reading room will feel more pleasant. Adding Artwork and Ornament from Homedit.


Shelf is one of the furniture that must be in your reading room because it will work as a place to display your book collection. Glass walls will never be wrong for your reading room design because it will give you a double advantage. In addition to providing natural lighting, it will also present a refreshing outdoor beauty so that you will feel at home there. Glass Wall from Decoist.


The sofa bed will be the most comfortable place in your reading room so that you feel more at home. Equipped with colorful cushions will provide extra comfort. Adding two wall lights will provide the perfect lighting so that it is easier and more comfortable for you to read. Sofa Bed from Parentmap.


When you have a reading room large enough you can use the sofa and chairs at the same time there. So that when you are tired of sitting in a chair, you can stretch your legs on the sofa next to them. Mini fireplaces in between the bookshelves will provide the perfect warmth in your reading room. Sofa and Chair from Stylemotivation.


Equipping windows with long curtains is the perfect idea to create comfort in your reading room. So when needed you can open the curtain and when it’s finished you can close it again. The long bench which is equipped with a pad and lots of cushions will give you comfort when you are reading there because it has a soft texture. Long Curtains from Stylemotivation.


The built in bench will be the right choice for your reading room design because it saves space. You can equip it with pads and cushions to make you more comfortable while sitting there. Glass windows will work well behind benches as they will provide the perfect natural lighting. Built In Bench with Pad and Cushions from Stylemotivation.


Large glass window will allow sunlight to enter your reading room. Placing the sitting area right in front of the large window will make it easier for you to see the beautiful outdoor scenery so that it feels fresher. Adding cushions and carpets there will add to the perfection of your reading room. Large Glass Window from Home Designing.


Choosing a white tone for your reading spot design will give it a brighter look. Using a rattan bench equipped with pads and cushions will be a comfortable place to read. Placing some works of art and personal collections around the reading room will give you happiness. White Nuance from Stylemotivation.


The glass wall will allow direct sunlight to enter your reading area. Placing a chair directly facing the glass wall, will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors without having to move. Completing your reading spot with a fireplace will provide warmth to the entire space so it feels more comfortable. Glass Wall from Stylemotivation.


Using a brown sofa bed to complement your reading spot is the right choice. So that you will feel comfortable while reading in a sleeping or sitting position. Using floor lamps for lighting ideas in your reading room will work best if they are placed around your sofa bed. Brown Sofa Bed from Stylemotivation.

Since we have provided different reading spot designs, we believe that you can find the one based on your home space condition and your personal taste. So, which one did you choose? Do you prefer to have the simple one or the one with large book rack and the most cozy sofa with cushion and throw blanket there? Whatever you choose, just make sure that the design fit your needs and your space. Happy reading!

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