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For you, the book lover, having such a common boring bookshelf is not fun at all. You should provide something special for something you love. In this case, you can really have a special bookshelf that might never come to your mind. From the shape to the function, our ideas are out of your mind. Besides the aesthetic reason, having a unique bookshelf can really bring your good mood and happiness. It can also become proof that you really care about your books so that you want to give the best place for them.


Anyway, the uniqueness level of your bookshelf could be adjusted based on your personality. If you are a simple person and need something minimalist, then, to make your bookshelf unique, you can play with the material and color. You can also play with the lighting that will increase the value of the bookshelf effectively. Then, for you who love art, just free your imagination to have something as unique as possible. Below, we have some unique bookshelf designs that you can copy. Additionally, in case you want to have a multi-functional bookshelf, you can design your bookshelf to have a seating spot that you can see as one of the references we have prepared. Find the one that fits you!


An open bookshelf will bring a modern look to your home. Arranging the book neatly will make you interested in reading it and not feel bored. House plants will add a natural freshness to your bookshelf, making it look even more beautiful. Open Bookshelf from Livspace.


You can use an old piano to make the bookshelf look more attractive and less boring. Organizing books neatly will make it easier for you to get the books you want and are pleasing to the eye. You can add some ornaments to complement your bookshelf design so that it will look better. Old Piano Bookshelf from Tiphero.


DIY Bookshelf made of pipes looks creative on the walls of your home. Adding a house plant will make your bookshelf look fresh and natural. You can add LED lights to complement your bookshelf so that it doesn’t look boring. Pipe Bookshelf from Tiphero.


If you like the Industrial style using pipes to make a bookshelf is the right idea. So that it will make your bookshelf look more creative and less boring. You can place it not in the corner of the room so it won’t take up much space but still be exposed. Pipe Bookshelf from Cuded.


An inverted coffee cup bookcase looks very unique and attractive. You can paint the exterior in white tones to make it look clean and bright. Changing the inner paint of the shelf with a different soft color will make it look stunning and not make you feel bored. Coffee Cup Bookshelf from Cuded.


Bringing a natural touch to your bookshelf will never leave you feeling bored. Try using a tree-shaped wooden shelf for storing a collection of books in your home so that it will make it look very different. You can arrange the book according to your wishes and neat as possible so that it can raise your enthusiasm for reading. Tree Bookshelf from Cuded.


Try using white tones to transform your bookshelf to look clean and bright. You can also change the bookshelf design into a flower shape so that it will look more attractive and pleasing to the eye. Choosing to place these shelves on the wall will present its own attraction and can be a wonderful focal point. White Flower Bookshelf from Cuded.


Chair bookshelf will never look boring in your home. Arranging the books at the bottom of the Chair looks simple and very neat. Then you can use the top of the chair as a sitting area so you can easily pick up and return the books you want. Chair Bookshelf from Cuded.


Designing a bookshelf with a tree shape looks attractive with a natural touch. You can use wood to make these shelves look classic and attractive. Arranging the book in a standing position will allow it to accommodate lots of books and still look neat. DIY Tree Bookshelf from Cuded.


If you don’t have a large collection of books, using a minimalist shelf is a perfect idea. Wall shelf in checklist shape made of wood looks simple but very stunning. You can use the center of the shelf to store books so that will make it look very unique. Checklist Shaped Bookshelf from Cuded.


The alphabet bookshelf design looks minimalist and doesn’t look boring. The alphabet shelf looks sturdy with lots of storage space and allows for storing a large collection of your books. Painting the bookshelf with green will make it look bright and fresh. Alphabet Bookshelf from Homebnc.


Wall shelf with map shape looks interesting and different from the others. You can use it for the idea of ​​storing a collection of books in your home. Books stacked on a shelf will automatically create a visual pattern that attracts attention so that it doesn’t look boring. Map Bookshelf from Homebnc.


To make your book collections tidy, using a bookshelf is a perfect idea. Choosing to use a curved bookshelf looks creative and not boring at all. Standing book arrangement will make your book look neat and present an attractive visual appearance. Curve Bookshelf from Homebnc.


Using a white painted branch for a bookshelf is a creative idea. So the branch will bring a natural look to your home and the white nuances will give it a clean look. The branch shelf will provide two functions, which can accommodate your books and a place to hang light items so that it is more practical. Branch Bookshelf from Homebnc.


Try using a cloud-shaped bookcase so it will present an attractive outdoor appearance. You can use a cloud bookcase that is made of wood so that it can support even the heaviest of books. A shelf that is equipped with lots of storage space can accommodate a lot of books so it will look perfect. Cloud-Shaped Bookshelf from Homebnc.


Using a cube box to make a wall bookcase is a great idea. You can make it a diagonal pattern so that it will give you a stunning look and become an impressive focal point in your home. Cube Box Bookshelf from Homebnc.


Using a skateboard to create a shelf will create a stunning display area for your collection. Placing the skateboard rack on the wall will make it a focal point in your home. You can display your book collection and several trophies there so that it will present its own attraction and can inspire. Skateboard Bookshelf from Homebnc.


The black, corrugated shelf that sticks to the wall looks like a tree branch that will bring a stunning appearance to your home. Using it as a storage area for books looks attractive and provides its own charm in your home. The branch will look like hugging your book so it will remain safe and not easily change position. Black Bookshelf from Homebnc.


The standing book shelf with a curved shape will provide a unique decoration. The curved shape narrows gently upwards to hold your book so it doesn’t shift easily. Stacking them vertically or horizontally in individual spaces according to the storage space on your bookshelf will give you a very neat appearance that doesn’t look boring. Standing Bookshelf from Homebnc.


Wooden bookshelf with curved design looks modern and not boring. The wood material will allow it to support even the heaviest books. Arranging books neatly will provide a visually appealing appearance and can be the perfect focal point in your home. Wooden Bookshelf from Homebnc.

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