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Giving a lovely sweet decoration to your home during Valentine’s day will be awesome. Since Valentine has the fun ambiance impression, then it won’t be any problem to apply the Valentine touches here and there to your home. From the furniture, interior parts, ornament, to the accessories, you can add with Valentine things. In this case, the heart shape and flowers are the domination for the decoration. Also, you can add lighting. For the color scheme, pink, red, or white are the color references you can choose. We have 10 ideas to decorate your home in celebrating Valentine’s day this year.




Wall Decoration


Decorating walls is one way to make your walls stand out more on Valentine’s Day. You can use some love pink balloons to decorate your walls so that they will give off an adorable valentine’s look. Complementing it with a paper valentine garland will make it even more perfect and will become an inspiring focal point. Wall Decoration from Decosolitions.

Fireplace Decoration


Using garland to decorate the coat is the right choice so it will make your coat look better. DIY heart garland made of cloth hanging on the fireplace will present a beautiful and cute valentine look. Adding Love pink ornament and flower arrangement on it will make your Valentine’s decoration look more perfect. Heart Garland from Shelterness.

Door Decoration


To make your Valentine’s decorations look more festive, you can decorate the door in your home. Wrapping the door in the white paper will make it look clean and bright. Decorating it with a red ribbon will make it look like a valentine’s gift. You can also attach a heart ornament made of colored paper so that it will look more beautiful and festive. Door Decoration from Diycuteness.

Window Decoration


Using heart accents is one of the right choices for your valentine’s decoration ideas. Because it is one of the ornaments that can describe an expression of love. You can make a heart accent on the window using string lights so that it will bring beautiful lighting and make your valentine’s window decoration more festive. Valentine Window Decoration from Inspiredluv.

Dining Table Decoration


A chalkboard tablecloth with romantic words is the right choice for your valentine’s dining table decoration ideas. Using decorative candles for lighting ideas on your dining table will provide calm lighting and bring a romantic feel. A sprinkling of mini red heart ornaments and roses will make your Valentine’s decoration look complete and perfect. Valentine Dining Table from Sortra.

Coffee Table Decoration


Valentine’s coffee table decor with red heart wine glass looks simple but will never fail. The red heart plate with cakes on it will make your decoration look more perfect. The sprinkles of mini heart ornaments all over the table surface will make your Valentine decorations more perfect in a very easy way. Valentine Coffee Table from Themajesticvision.

Bed Decoration


White bedding will bring a clean and bright look to your bedroom. A swan ornament made of a towel will provide a creative look and are perfect for decorating a valentine’s bed. The sprinkling of red flower petals on the bed will create a romantic feel. Adding a floating heart balloon in the corner of the bed will make your decor look even more festive. Valentine Bed Decoration from Hqdecoration.

Ceiling Decoration


Decorating the ceiling is one step to make Valentine’s decorations look more festive. You can use red and pink crepe paper to decorate your ceiling so that it will look more beautiful. Centerpiece chandeliers with heart paper arrangement decorations will make your ceiling look more attractive. Adding a Heart Sticker on the wall will make your Valentine decoration look more complete and can inspire. Valentine Ceiling Decoration from Pinklover.snydle.

Floor Decoration


Flower petals are a perfect ornament for valentine’s decoration ideas in your home. Decorating the floor with a sprinkling of heart-shaped red flower petals will illustrate your love for your partner and anyone. Placing a candle on the edge of the heart-shaped flower sprinkles will present a dazzling appearance on your floor so that it can attract the attention of everyone who sees it. Valentine Floor Decoration from Inspiraspaces.

Bathtub Decoration


Sprinkling your bathtub with flower petals is one simple way to get the perfect valentine’s decorations. Using a candle as the lighting idea will provide a dim and soothing light. You can place candles on the edge of the tub so that it will give it an attractive and beautiful appearance. Valentine Bathtub Decoration from Digsdigs.

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