Innovative landscape ideas for water features to create a new look 2

If you are looking for a garden landscape, the ideas below may be fit to your style. Check the ideas below on Innovative Landscape Ideas For Water Features To Create A New Look.


Home Entrance Accented By Pond

Home entrance accented by pond Innovative Landscape Ideas For Water Features To Create A New Look

Here is the example of small multi-level waterfalls emptying into a decorative lagoon that set off by exposed layers of intricate stonework, you can copy. Thus, this idea is ready to greet guests arriving at the entrance to your home. It looks green and natural.

Romanesque Pond Featuring Sculpture

If you have a Roman courtyard, this lily pond decorated with potted plants featuring sculpture perfectly provides a magnificent centerpiece between two garden walkways of your home. This one looks so perfect.

Stone-Colored Fountain With Bamboo Water Feeder

This stone-colored fountain with a bamboo water feeder looks simple yet decorative. A simple water feature like this decorative fountain with a bamboo water delivery system that transforms your yard into an eye-catching zen garden is ready to refresh your outdoor.

Multi-Level Ponds With Cascade Feature

This water garden has a long rectangular waterway that was made on two levels and bridged by descending stone steps for a cascading water effect. Moreover, you see the compact design, there is perfectly setting off by landscaped focal points and earth-toned planters.

Pond, Small Waterfall, And Stream

This pond idea is transforming your backyard into a private nature preserve with a liquid landscape. It has a pond, stream, small waterfall with rocks, plants, and trees as border elements.

Intimate Garden room With Fountain

This one is the idea of transforming an enclosed grass-covered courtyard into a visual showpiece. You can install a small formal pond and custom water fountain as a dividing line, with the lush aquatic vegetation as the border elements.

Sunken Garden With Showcase Fountain

This garden idea is a sunken garden divided into a quadrant with colorful flower beds bordering the garden’s edge. Besides, a large copper pot transformed into a fountain sits in a small pond to serve as a focal point of the garden space.

Urn-Like Fountain In A Garden Pool

This garden pool looks so charming. This is a garden spa accented by titles, multiple accent spillways, and bubbling urn that so intimately love.

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