Everyone loves to decorate their home with unique furniture and accessories. Now the living area of any apartment is the most important and used room. Hence decorating it with more style and giving it your personal touch is a mandate. The home’s floor plan revolves around the kitchen and living area in most of the Chicago apartments. When it comes to living in the city, usually the smaller square footage and the lesser room is what you get. Thus you have to add furniture and decor smartly. 

Add something that looks stylish in the available space and can give justice to the fantastic architecture. Making the home look like it’s your happy place is vital, and it needs some effort and room decorating ideas that we are going to help you with. Scroll down a bit now.

1. Look for Acrylic Furniture

Without adding visual weight to space, you can include acrylic or lucite furniture in a modern way. Since the 70’s the translucent pieces were trending, and it has been estimated that this trend will not go anywhere in coming years. Many downtown Chicago model apartments used acrylic side tables, bar stools, and coffee tables in the open living room and kitchen area. This generates a usable surface that will not clutter the room and make it look super classy. 

2. Handling Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

The city’s stunning view, late and river, is enjoyed with the downtown Chicago apartments floor to ceiling windows. If you don’t have it, then get in touch with architecture firms around Chicago to get your home constructed in this way. Most of the homemakers get confused about how to use furniture that doesn’t block the light. 

The best way is to place your sofa perpendicular with not heavier pieces but lighter ones like slim writing desks or accent chairs. This way, the beauty of the window and the light will not get blocked and allows you to enjoy the stunning view. 

3. Go for Multipurpose Pieces

Last but not least, search for multipurpose pieces that are flexible and can adapt to different circumstances. Now the living room should be decorated keeping in mind the relaxation and entertainment of 10 people when partying. The best solution is to opt for convertible furniture like a sofa, where you can get a couch-bed option. 

Another one is an adjustable lamp that never takes much space and can move around onto various surfaces by clamping. This way, your apartment will not occupy much space and will even look stylish. 

Last Words

Creating a space that gives you a feeling that you are home is vital. As Chicago style apartments don’t offer you much space, so it gets better to opt for some creative ideas to decorate it. The above-mentioned ideas will make your apartment look spacious and give it a very stylish look. The warmth and relaxation that you want in your home can be fulfilled when you take creative ways to use colors, furniture, and decor accessories. 

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