Uncomplicated plate racks ideas to stack your plates 2

Finding a proper place to neatly store all this can be a challenge, especially for your kitchen. Here we give you plate rack ideas to have a neat kitchen organization. All the ideas are collected in  Uncomplicated Plate Racks Ideas To Stack Your Plates


Over The Sink Plate Rack

This over-the-sink plate rack is serving you quickly accessible yet safe storage. Besides, with your plates always be at hand, every work you do in the kitchen will be done faster. Therefore, the plate rack built over the sink totally suits your needs.

Built-In Plate Rack

If in your kitchen, you are looking around with concern because there is no way you could possibly add another element like a plate rack, here is the solution for you. It is a space-saving idea for a built-in plate rack that becomes your smart solution for an overcrowded kitchen.

Simplistic Vertical Plate Rack

Bring out the best of your vertical space by presenting vertical plate racks. Here, you can rest your eyes on the beautiful selection of your plates instead of staring into an empty wall.

Industrial Pipe Plate Rack

Try to have an industrial plate rack if a mini plate rack does not cut for you. This rack has a combination of dark wood and industrial pipes which give a truly fascinating element. Slightly, your plate rack present like an exhibition.

Mini Plate Rack

With this mini plate rack, you can see the function will not be limited as a storage solution but also double as wall decor. Besides, this mini vertical plate rack is ready to spice up your interior with only three plates display and use it to fill the empty wall in your kitchen.

Bird Feeder Plate Rack

Plate racks in stores can be very pricey. Therefore, you need the affordable one to be your plate rack just like a bird feeder. A bird feeder can become a rustic unique plate rack to be displayed in your kitchen.

Shutter Plate Rack

This DIY shutter plate rack is an out-of-the-box plate rack idea when you look at an old window shutter. You can repurpose an old shutter and give a little vintage charm touch to your home with the idea of a shutter plate rack.

Inside Cabinet Plate Rack

This idea is great as a storage option and keeps your plates safer. Before you would normally stack the plates on top of each other, well it can be turned as a plate rack.

Budget-Friendly Plate Rack

If you think that building a plate rack as a DIY project will be very pricey, well your thought will be changed after seeing this budget-friendly idea one. Here, you can build an elegant and super functional plate rack at an affordable cost.

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