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Rightly said 

“Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends always belong, and laughter never ends.”

Every person loves his/her house and tries to maintain it because the house is the only place where you feel yourself and protected as well as create a lot of stories. Similarly, with the advancement in the architecture and population, people are opting for small houses which are easy to maintain and don’t require much maintenance. In the same way, the capsule concept of building hotels and houses came into existence, now that we are done with these two, a new light in the architecture has captured our eyes and that is PODs. 

Tiny prefabricated houses are Pod homes and they are known for the compactness it offers. They can be built or constructed anywhere, be it remote in nature or in the city. Some people are building it as a weekend retreat, so that they can take a break from a busy city life and come to the basics. 

Normally pod homes include 1 or 2 rooms. They are generally used as a garden office, as a backyard studio or outdoor studio room. But there are a few people who cannot afford apartments, they generally opt to live in a Pod home, as it is much more affordable than an apartment. 

So, we have plenty of points to make you believe that they can be used as a home to live in and is a future of living. Scroll down to know why should you get a pod home?

Pod homes are versatile

A sort of modular homes, contains premade units and they have characteristics that you can customize as per your needs. 

Every company has a different style to design the Pod homes and mostly this concept is gaining a lot of popularity in Australia. Hence, if you wish to see some highly constructed Pods then checkout Canberra pods. For people who are living here can not only see some options but ask the professionals to build a customizable one for you. Isn’t it great? 

Pod homes are fast to build

Usually when you think of constructing your house, it will take at least one year to build it but when it comes to these sorts of homes, it normally takes 3 to 6 months to complete. Hence, people who want to build a home as fast as possible normally prefer to go for Pod homes. Not only this but some companies even take less time like two weeks to build it. 

Pod homes are affordable

Traditional houses take time to build and require a lot of work as well as they are very expensive but when it comes to affordable homes then these sort of homes are preferred. They not only build in less time but also cost less. Hence, people who are not able to afford apartments or big houses, wish to have their own home but can’t afford a big one, go for this one. 

Pod homes are a long-term investment

The idea behind this sort of homes is to make living easy by only adjoining the pre-built units and turning them into a modular home. 

The best part is that it is possible to dismantle the pod homes whenever you decide to move from your current location. Hence, if we talk about investment then they are a long-term investment for sure. They can be built easily anywhere and can be moved in any location. 

Rent a pod home

There are many companies who are offering these sorts of homes to give a solution to the housing crisis. These companies build homes with single beds, lockers, and private homes. When you rent a Pod room then you need to pay a single month price and will get a shared bathroom, storage space, living room and a yard. As when you opt for an apartment on rent then price depends on the location but with this one there is no such criteria. Hence, with the advancement of technology not only gadgets, medicine has evolved but the concept of co-living, tiny houses and capsule homes have also transformed. People are preparing them as they are affordable, take less time to build and can be customized easily. 

Pod homes, approaching to a more sustainable lifestyle

People are thinking to live differently and trying to initiate in the current situation of the world. Where we wish to take a step forward toward sustainability. So, building a pod home is not just about housing, it’s about the lifestyle you choose. Many of us wish to opt for a lifestyle that has more of outdoors than indoors, a house that is near nature and not in the rush of the city and time is more valuable than objects. 

It has been shared after a long search that minimalism and slow living is the thing that will secure the current condition of the planet. As we are currently in a demanding transition phase where people are asking for questions to themselves regarding the environment you aspire to live in. Whether it is closer to nature or lowering the impact on the environment with adapting sustainability, tiny houses will help in it. As when you live near nature and stop disturbing the environment, then you are moving to the basics and this can be a very hard decision to make. But to live a sustainable lifestyle moving to a Pod home can help in achieving this. 

Final Words

Find a company that can build a pod home for you so that you can have your own house in less amount as well as help to improve the environment. Basically, tiny houses give you an opportunity to have your own home still when you don’t have much to own a big house. Not only this but it is also versatile as you can customize it as per your need. To know in detail about Pod homes make sure to go through the article thoroughly and you will surely like the concept of this sort of home.  

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