According to a report, home sales in the Dallas region were 19.06% higher in September 2020, as compared to 2019. There is no denying that the region is one of the hotspots for real estate investors and buyers, alike.

And since you are here, you might also be interested in real estate around the Dallas region. But, as with any of the realty markets, some neighborhoods are more popular than others in Dallas.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best neighborhoods in Dallas for home buyers.

Preston Hollow

Preston Hollow has been rated safer than most of the other cities in Texas. Perhaps, you can find everything from luxury apartments to ranches and mid-century homes in the community. Moreover, the median home value in the neighborhood is around $271,338, which is pretty affordable for a small family.

Besides, the neighborhood has plenty of activities to enjoy. You can take golf lessons or enjoy tennis indoors as well as outdoors.

Easy accessibility to good education and routine grocery needs seem like a no-fuss in the neighborhood. You have retail chains like Nordstrom, Madewell, and Michael kors at Northpark Center.


Filled with architectural wonders, this neighborhood in NorthEast Dallas is suitable for people willing to trade city life for a lush green paradise.

From the Mediterranean and Spanish inspired properties to cottages and prairie-style homes, there’s everything for everyone.

The neighborhood is suitable for families and singles alike. Besides, there are a lot of activities to do in Lakewood. For example, you can go fishing or visit Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden.


Rated as one of the best suburbs in the region, Coppel has affordable housing solutions for families and professionals. Not to mention that Coppel has also been voted as safer than 83% of the neighborhoods in Dallas.

Easy accessibility and close proximity from DFW International Airport make this neighborhood one of the luxurious options for home buyers.

Lower crime rates and better schooling options such as Lakeside Elementary and Coppell High School adds more to its value. Notably, the median house value in the neighborhood stands around $317,900.

Vickery Place

If you like the hustle and bustle of the city life, then probably you should look towards the north of Uptown and Downtown Dallas. Vickery Place or M Street is one of the busiest neighborhoods in Dallas.

Granada Theatre and retail stores like Kendra Scott and J.Crew are also close by. Besides, the neighborhoods’ close proximity to Deep Ellum makes it a quick attraction for people looking to enjoy the nightlife.

The median house value in the area stands at $246,297 with all the added benefits of young life. Thus, making it perfect for young couples and singles.

Oak Cliff

One of the cheapest neighborhoods in Dallas, Oak Cliff has a median property value of $177,324. However, the crime rates are considerably higher in the neighborhood as compared to the other regions.

A perfect neighborhood, though, for first-time home buyers, Oak Cliff has a lot to offer from affordable housing to playtime in the neighborhood.

Hang out at Goat Yard or go visiting the Flamingo Pond. Or you can visit the local arts theatre to enjoy some of the best countryside music.

With all the convenience at your disposal and affordability on the mind, Dallas might just be the best city for you to settle in. However, it is still advised that you visit the neighborhoods personally and then decide for yourself.

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