It can be a lot of fun to design your kitchen and when it comes to selecting and installing the countertop, it even gives a different sort of excitement. Now that you are done with the purchase of the countertop, this is the time to move forward to the next step. Guess what? Installation. Even if you have bought a prefabricated granite still you need a professional to install it. In case anything goes wrong at the time of installation then you will be very sorry for the money you spend on buying it and the kitchen beauty will also get hampered.  

The most common error people make is, they don’t get the ideal installer for the installation and things take a bad shape when you choose a wrong one. Hence, we have jotted down few recommendation when you select the installer please follow these: 

Get Good References

Good references always work, not only in restaurants, parlors but also when it comes to installers. A person who refers you to someone, he/she is well versed with the skills that person holds, hence, it’s not necessary that you have to go with the installer affiliated with the showroom. You can opt for a local contractor who has a good review and has worked for someone you know. This way you feel relaxed and secure that the installation will be perfect and your precious piece is in secure hands. 

Examine Previous Work

It’s always a good option when choosing any service, make sure you check the previous work so that you can be sure what he/she has done in the past. This is considered a good sign when the installer wishes to show you their portfolio, but make sure to examine it carefully. Check the work and versatility of the work, if the images look similar then they have only experience in one sort of countertop. It’s important if your installer has installed various types of it, because this will open up the options for you. Thi is the most beneficial move that you will take and surely going to thank yourself later that you checked the previous work and then took the smart decision of hiring a professional that fulfills the criterias. 

Ask Regarding Cuts, Edging, and Seams

The benefit of hiring a professional is that they deeply analyze the one you purchased before installing it and if they find any issue they will intimate you beforehand, so that you can take action accordingly. Granite countertops installers analyze to ensure that the outcome of their work is amazing and they work on a  flawless surface depending on how many patter disparities they notice on the slabs. When you will discuss the edges with them they will offer the options that are not only technically possible as per the grade of the granite,  but will also offer an amusing look depending on the color and look of your cabinets. 

Inspect About Finishing and Sealing

The finishing and sealing the granite surface is required, even if you are buying a pre-installed granite tops. Make an intelligent and say NO to the installer who pressurizes on returning for polishing and resealing of it. It’s important to recreate the imagination that you had when you bought the granite. Make sure all your imagination comes into reality when you finally install it. Make sure you ask the installer to polish and reseal it otherwise the finishing of it will look dull . 

Before your professional installers pull into your driveway, we need you to do a few things:

  • Make sure the place where you are installing it and the pathway area are clear so that the installer can come in with all the instruments and devices as well as the countertops. The granite is heavy, hence try to decrease the maneuvering the installers require to do when they are carrying the individual section into the kitchen. 
  • As we have already mentioned above that granite is heavy, so make sure when the guys are carrying it, your kids don’t come in the way. Ask them to stay inside their room or in the section often a house that doesn’t involve the involvement of the professionals who are going to install the countertops. The safety of children is very important when you are dealing with heavy stuff in the house. They have the tendency to run all around the house and may meet with an accident, so it’s better to be cautious than to regret it later. 
  • In case you have a cooktop cutout there are chances that your furniture and articles can get covered with dust. Make sure before the arrival of the installer, you cover all the articles and furniture. It’s a hard job to clean the house after the installation, so save yourself from extra work and cover them all. 
  • If there are other sorts of constructions going on at your house then you need to stop them for a moment, till the time all the granite countertops are carried properly and placed on the cabinet. 
  • It is important to have the homemaker and contractor when the work is in the process so that when all the work is done, the professionals can ask you to review the details before they leave. That’s how a professional and experienced installer performs their work, they do it with perfection and then ask the homemaker and their contractors to review it for the final go. 

Final Words

We all have a special place for every part of your home and especially the kitchen because we create some amazing memories while cooking and eating. Hence, we try to make it look special as well, so get that amazingly gorgeous granite countertop for your kitchen but make sure to follow the tips mentioned above while choosing the installer. Not only the guys who come for the installation need to work but even you have to do a lot of things before their arrival at your home. We have mentioned a list that you need to follow and you are done with everything. Congratulations on your new countertop! 

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