As a homeowner, you will want to invest in dream decor for your living space. There are endless choices to explore when it comes to interior decor trends, but there is much you have to consider. Your taste and preference matter a lot, and so does your budget. But one aspect that is easy to overlook while choosing the decorative elements for your house is pests. Surprisingly, these elements can act as an invitation for pests if you aren’t judicious enough. Here is some useful advice you can follow to pick the right decor for your living space while keeping pests away.

Incorporating Pest Control into Home Decor

While designing your home, it’s essential to consider aesthetics and functionality. Pest control is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy living space. To seamlessly integrate it into your home decor, opt for stylish solutions. For example, consider decorative screens that serve as room dividers and barriers against pests. Window screens and weatherstripping can be chosen to match your interior color palette, blending in with your decor while keeping unwanted intruders out. By making pest control a part of your design strategy, you can create a home that’s visually pleasing and comfortably pest-free.

Be careful with color

When you start with home decor from scratch or plan a makeover, you will have a color theme in mind. It could be a dark or light scheme depending on your personal choice, but you must know how your pest risk pans out in each case. Dark colors such as earthy dark brown tones and matt black finishes attract mosquitoes inside your living space. Lighter hues are attractive to intruders like ants, cockroaches, and beetles. The best approach to safeguard your place is to take a middle path. Mix the elements and create a balanced theme to keep infestation at bay. You can go the extra mile with the decor project and have all cracks and holes sealed for good.

Avoid using too much wood

Termites love wood, which means that using too much of it in your living space elevates the risk of infestation. You will probably have to stick to wood for furniture. But you can opt for other alternatives for flooring and wall designs. You need to be extra careful about the upkeep of wooden elements. Keep regular checks on them to detect pests at the earliest and get professional pest control services to eliminate them right away. Regular cleaning also keeps termites away from the wooden furniture, so it is vital to be diligent with the housekeeping measures. Expose wooden pieces to sunlight and fresh air outdoors once every couple of months. 

Pay attention to exterior elements

It is common practice for homeowners to focus on interiors and ignore the exterior decor elements. But doing so can elevate the infestation risk as you will have pests in huge numbers even before you know. If you have plants around the boundary walls, there are good chances that mosquitoes and ants will try to enter at the first chance. The danger can be bigger if your garden is unkempt as insects and small snakes can be around. Pay attention to garden maintenance and keep it pest-free. If you store firewood in the backyard, move it away from the boundary wall. Also, be careful when you bring home indoor plants because these can serve as breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Your home decor choices can significantly impact the chances of having pests in your living space. Just being a little more conscious and thoughtful can go a long way in keeping your place beautiful and pest-free. 

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