High gloss kitchen style to style with earth tone design ideas 2

The high gloss kitchen style below will be your inspiration for modular kitchen design from the earthy tone decor style as the neutral department. So, it is the right time for you to see the design below to inspire your kitchen level. All ideas are collected in High Gloss Kitchen Style To Style With Earth Tone Design Ideas.


Babington Pavilion

This kitchen has a color of gray but doing the second look.  It lets you notice the earthly feel of this kitchen space to not only the kitchen cabinets and drawers but also the flooring. It is the result of a work of art.

Tobacco Gloss Kitchen Style

The result of this surprising color is definitely gorgeous. If you thought this is the shade of red, but you are wrong. This room is actually more of orange touch that looked like red because of the glossy brown color of the cabinets, kitchen bar, and drawers. Moreover, the use of a modern stool gives a unique edge to your kitchen space.

Apollo Walnut

As its name, the material used in this kitchen is modified walnut. It also has a pretty deep brown color that serves pretty and contrasts well with the beige flooring.

Nero Featuring Babington Latte

This kitchen shows black as the first color we noticed. Meanwhile, when you look closely at the kitchen bar area, you will see the latte-colored body of the bar. Thus, it is somehow drowned by the Nero-colored cabinets which also go stand out.

Cream Gloss Kitchen

Look at this cream gloss kitchen that is so clean and sleek. It has high gloss material for the cabinets, kitchen bar, and drawers which are modernized by the bar stools, stainless steel kitchen equipment, and fabulous vinyl flooring.

Cosmopolitan Latte

It is really inviting interesting color design. It allows you to have clear lines and a modern feel in a classic design mixed with stainless steel for an industrial feel.

Luxurious Gloss Kitchen

Luxurious gloss kitchen has dark flooring that is highlighted by the lighter colored materials as you see in the kitchen cabinets, kitchen bar, and lavatory. Your room will directly up to the high class with this style.

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