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It will be awesome to have the space theme decoration for your home, especially for your bedroom decoration. You will let your imagination fly away which will be really fun. However, it will also good to be applied to your nursery room, working room, or family room. The other benefit of having the space theme decor is that you can make your kids have the perfect decoration for the theme. It is known that space is something that your kids love and make them curious. You can provide the decoration in the animation version if it is needed. However, if you want to give your kids the real view of the space, then you should be able to provide the real of the space as well as you can.


In applying the space theme touches, you can do it by providing the ornament or apply it to your home interior. For example, you can decorate your ceiling or wall directly with the space decoration. Paint it with a space pattern or you can install the wallpaper. Then, for the ornament, you can have the wall painting and any ornament that existed at the store. For the ornament, if you have the capability in making it, you can do the DIY project with your kids where they must be really excited. We will show you some overawe space theme home decoration that will surely amazing. Check these images out!


If your child likes outer space, you can add space-themed decorations in your child’s bedroom. Try making constellations on the chalkboard, then you can place them on the bed. So that it will become a wall decoration as well as a headboard in your child’s bedroom. Constellations from Decoist.


Using wallpaper for bedroom decoration is the right idea, besides being able to protect the walls it will also present its own charm. If you like outer space themes, choosing a night sky wallpaper will never fail. It will bring beautiful and stunning nuances of outer space in your bedroom so that it can inspire. Night Sky Wallpaper from Decoist.


Adding a space theme to the bedroom decor is an interesting idea and your kids might like it. It doesn’t have to be expensive, you just need to update the furniture you already have there. You can attach an astronaut sticker to your cabinet so that it will become the perfect focal point in your bedroom. Astronaut Sticker from Decoist.


Choosing shades of blue for your child’s bedroom decor will present a bright appearance. Using the space wallpaper will bring its own charm to your child’s bedroom. You can complement it with a star-patterned blanket and curtain so that it will make your child’s bedroom look perfect with the outer space theme. Blue Space Wallpaper from Decoist.


If you like space themes, try adding outer space-themed accessories to your décor. The carpet is one of the accessories that will provide natural warmth through the foot that rests on it so that it will feel more comfortable. You can choose a galaxies-patterned rug to complement your reading room so that it will present its own charm. Galaxies Rug from Brightside.


Bedding is one of the accessories that must be present in your bedroom decor to provide warmth and comfort there. Try choosing bedding galaxy so that it will bring a perfect outer space theme to your bedroom and can attract the attention of everyone who sees it. Galaxy Bedding from Brightside.


Choosing use an outer space theme for baby bedroom decorating ideas is a creative one. You can use a crescent-shaped crib made of wood pallets so that it will look unique and attractive. Using fairy lights for lighting ideas will make your baby’s bedroom decor even more perfect. A Moon-Shaped Baby Crib from Brightside.


Doing a DIY project to bring an outer space theme to your home decor is a creative idea. You can make a solar system ornament using colorful yarn by knitting it. Then you can hang it up so it will look really interesting. A Solar System Ornament from Brightside.


Try to decorate your living room with an outer space theme to bring an awesome look there. You can use galaxy wallpaper to bring out the feel of outer space. So that it will become the perfect focal point in your living room. Galaxy Wallpaper from Brightside.


Using chalkboard walls for bedroom decorating ideas is a creative idea so you can express your creativity there. You can draw moons and planets on your chalkboard wall so that it will bring a space theme to your bedroom. Chalkboard Wall from Home-designing.


Installing a galaxy wallpaper on the ceiling will bring a space theme to your bedroom. You can also recover bedding galaxy to match your bedroom decor theme. Wall decoration will also complement your decor so that it looks more perfect. Galaxy Bedding from Deavita.


Using an outer space theme for a baby’s bedroom decor is an interesting idea. You can use a dark color wallpaper then stick the star star sticker on it will present a perfect outer space theme. Stars Walls from Thespruce.


You can bring a outer space theme to your baby bedroom so that it will look attractive and different from the others. Using the galaxy wallpaper is an easy way to present a space theme but still looks perfect. Galaxy Wallpaper from Thespruce.


Using an outer space themed wallpaper in your baby’s bedroom decor is the right choice and will never fail. You can choose the wallpaper with star and rocket motifs, which will bring you the perfect space theme. Space Themed Wallpaper from Thespruce.


You can complement your bedroom decor with a carpet to create natural warmth in your bedroom. Choose a carpet with astronaut and rocket motifs so that it will present a foreign theme in your bedroom. Adding a moon wallpaper over the bed will be the perfect focal point in your bedroom. Astronaut and Rocket Carpet from Thespruce.


Baby bedroom decoration with the theme of outer space will provide its own charm there. You can decorate the walls with planet ornaments made of paper to make them look attractive. You can also hang planetary ornaments on your windows so that it will complement your space décor. Planet Ornaments from Thespruce.


Using wallpaper for bedroom decorating ideas is the perfect idea, so that it will protect your walls and become an interesting decoration there. You can choose the astronaut and rocket wallpaper so that it will present a space space in your bedroom. Astronaut and Rocket Wallpaper from Thespruce.


Chalkboard walls are a creative choice for your bedroom decorating ideas so you can express your creativity. You can draw constellations and astronauts on your chalkboard wall using white chalk so that it will be an interesting focal point there. Chalkboard Wall from Petitandsmall.


Try making space-themed decorations in your child’s bedroom so that it can become a simple learning medium. You can draw moons, rockets, planets and astronauts on your black wall so that they are clearly visible. Then adding a star garland there will make your space theme even more perfect. Space Theme Wall from Petitandsmall.


Using a star wallpaper with a black background will present a beautiful and attractive appearance in your child’s bedroom. Adding a cloud ornament on the wall will be a simple focal point. Completing it with a pendant lamp as a lighting idea will make it look even more stunning. Black Star Wallpaper from Petitandsmall.


A simple way to present your decorated outer space theme is to paint. You can paint the moon on your white wall so that it looks real. It will also be the perfect focal point in your décor so that it can inspire. Moon Painting from Petitandsmall.


Tablecloth is one of the accessories that can enhance your dining table decoration. You can use the constellation navy tablecloth so that it will present the outer space theme in a simple way. Constellation Tablecloth from Brightside.


Lighting is one of the things that can affect the decoration in your home. You can use a black pendant light so it will look masculine and elegant. Making a Constellation motif on a pendant light will bring out a space theme in your home decor. Constellation Pendant Light from Brightside.


White walls will give the impression of a larger space and look clean. You can draw Constellations on the wall to make your wall stand out more so that it will become the perfect focal point for an outer space theme. Constellations Wall from Thespruce.


You can use the outer space theme for your home decorating idea so that it will look cool. Using a star Wallpaper with a black background on the ceiling will give you a view of the night sky. Adding a rocket shelf as a storage idea will make your décor look perfect with a space theme. Rocket Shelf from Projectnursery.

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