Earth-toned minimalist kitchen ideas with simplicity and harmony 2

Working in an earth-toned space is always be something inviting. Well, for you who want the minimalist kitchen style with a modern hint but inviting, then you can combine the minimalist kitchen with the earth-toned touches. Therefore, here are the ideas of an earth-toned minimalist kitchen with simplicity and harmony for an enjoyable time.


The Minimum Of Minimalism

Earthy, naturalness is expressed in the design of homes with the aesthetic ideal of emptiness. Thus, due to the minimalistic tendency kitchen, sometimes have an industrial and unfinished appearance. Meanwhile, the unfinished or imperfection is certainly intrinsic to life and adds balance to the aesthetic.

Adjacent Dining

In this idea, the dining area is frequently incorporated near the kitchen counter. Besides, this area is not only a breakfast nook as families enjoy most of their meals. Moreover, families put a lot of time and effort into cooking. Therefore, socializing is easier with the dining area located nearby.  Here you will see a popular T-shape with the seating area perpendicular to the kitchen counter. Then, the I-shape table is an extension of the kitchen counter. The whole idea is perfectly showing you a harmonious design.

Suspended Shelving

This kitchen embraces suspended shelving. The colors are dominant of neutral wood as earthy tone elements. Besides, the plants there are completing the look of a fresh earth-tone minimalist kitchen.

Natural Wood Colors

The natural wood color consists of a light wood like pine, with the grain still clearly visible. A wood-beam construction is ideal for resisting earthquakes and typhoons. By its dominant material and color, you will have an aesthetic kitchen with an earthy minimalist style.

Integrated Living

The integrated idea here is connecting the living room and kitchen. The design here is keeping the natural ventilation at a maximum which also results in layouts that are open with minimal furnishing.

Tiny Kitchen, Tiny Tools

This kitchen is perfectly showing you a minimal style with tiny tools. Built-in ovens and dishware are rare, meanwhile, convection microwave ovens are petite. Then, when it comes to cooking. Expect to find a two0plate gas or induction stovetop with a compact broiler for fish. Thus, in contrast, you will see washbasins are big in comparison to the rest of the utilities.

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