Earth tone japanese bedroom ideas to sooth your positive energy 2

Well, Japanese people love to embrace their culture. Therefore, it is a great inspiration for you to have a Japanese-like bedroom in earth-tone decor style. All ideas are collected on Earth Tone Japanese Bedroom to Sooth Your Positive Energy.


Earth Tone Japanese Remodels Asian Bedroom

See this earth tone Japanese bedroom with a contemporary style using a chaise lounge with the side table instead of low furniture, like a coffee table.

Bedroom With Wall Paintings

This room is so interesting with the wall painting, lamps, and earth color paint in the walls that illustrates the energy of Japan.

Kenso Room

Let your room has spacious and airy placing the platform bed in the center of your bedroom. Then the color combination of deep red, white, and neutral wood is ready to soothe you.

Kondo Room

This neutral kondo room with orange, yellow, deep red, and neutral wood color is best to call an earthy-tone bedroom. Besides, the Kondo bedroom is a reliable addition to your bedroom because of its rustic finish which combines with modern design.

Traditional Japanese Bedroom

The traditional Japanese bedroom is popular with its earth-tone ideas. Moreover, the use of low furniture such as a platform bed and a coffee table with low lighting. All of this style is definitely Japanese indeed.

City Zen Space

This city zen space has Japanese lanterns on both sides of the bed as well as the sculpture on the corner table. It completes the Japanese feeling with primarily used wood as the material.

Bedroom Night

This modern bedroom has modern lighting, shelves on top, and a minimalist headboard. Thus, in the hustle and bustle of the city, this room is perfectly representing the modern Japanese bedroom style.

Gold Kanji Bedroom

While in other designs gold is close to the luxurious idea, here you can see gold is included in the earth tone element. The set of Japanese comforter depicts a historical era of ancient times. Besides, it also guarantees to be an ideal finishing touch to your Japanese- theme bedroom.

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