A popular pattern in heraldry and military insignia, chevron patterns have a different fan following. Not only are these zigzag designs popular with fashionistas but also are a favorite of home designers.

The bold and simplistic herringbone pattern reflects a timeless bond between art and community.

And if you’re also thinking of using these wallpapers in your space, then this article is for you. Here we have listed some beautiful yet easy DIY ideas to decorate your home with chevron-themed Wallpaper.

Living Room

Whether you wish to highlight the mantlepiece or just create a subtle statement, adding chevron-themed wallpaper to one of the walls in your living room can do the trick. There are designs ranging from marble streaks to monochrome.

Usually, the monochrome in black and white is believed to be the best in making an elegant statement, while also bringing the notice to a particular part of the room.


since the pattern is so versatile and has a classic undertone, it can be used in your home office as well. You can either fix the wallpaper to one of the walls or you can create a mix of more than one. Click this peel wall paper URL to find more design ideas.

We suggest you paste the wallpaper to the wall in front of you. It would not only let you admire the beauty of the wall in front of you but also can highlight a painting or a wall decor piece.


Since the bedroom is the place where you do not want anything to be too loud, herringbone could be a perfect choice. You can choose the color of your chevron pattern to match with the other walls. Or you can also add accent colors to your bedroom.

Not only are these patterns great for your bedroom but also for your kids’. For a playful and exciting look, stripes don’t even need to be perfect. You can choose a freehand paint scheme for such chevron patterns.


Your entryway is the area that creates the first impression on your guests. Whether you wish to make a powerful statement or simply wish to seem humble, the chevron is the design you should go for.

Given that, the color choices make it all the more alluring as soon as you or your guests enter your home. Easy to install, chevron wallpaper peel and stick designs can also easily be changed, if you don’t like one. Thus, giving you more power and flexibility in making the first impression.

Dining Area

Last but not least is your kitchen or the dining area. Since this is the place that you would wish to be cheerful at all times, you should choose bright and energetic colors such as yellow and purple.

Besides, installing chevron wallpapers in your kitchen can be an added statement for your family and diners. Perhaps, you don’t even need to fix all of the walls or even an entire wall with chevron wallpapers. A small portion of the wall can also do the trick.

On this note, we hope that these design ideas inspire you to improve your home decor. Please let us know your side of the story in the comments section below.

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