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Being locked out of the house is the worst thing that can happen to you. It may be freezing cold outside, and you will want to go inside at the earliest. You may have kids and pets inside or an urgent task to attend to. Whatever the situation, a locked entrance is nothing less than a daunting challenge for a homeowner. You could consider finding an entry through an open window or the back entrance, but there aren’t many chances of doing it. The possibility is zero if you live in a high-rise apartment building. The only way to open a locked door is by calling a professional locksmith. Let us explain why you should seek their help and how they can open locked doors.

When should you call a locksmith?

The reason for calling a locksmith is obvious- you must do it when your house door is locked, and you cannot open it. You may be locked out with no key, the key may be stuck or broken in the lock, or it may be inside the door. While you may consider breaking in, it isn’t always the best move because you may end up damaging the door or windows. The repair costs more than getting the services of a professional locksmith. A professional will try to unlock the door without any damage to the existing hardware. So it makes sense to call one right away.

How does a professional locksmith work?

The ease with which a lock can be opened depends on its type. A trained professional can open a simple euro-cylinder quickly and without much work. However, specialist tools and more time will be required for a high-security type. The material of the door will also make a difference because the technique differs for wooden doors and PVC doors. You can expect an experienced locksmith to open your house door within 7 seconds, or it may take as long as 45 minutes. The time depends on the lock type and their number. Since he will try to open the door, you must wait with patience because the process may take more time than expected. 

When will the professional drill out the lock? 

While opening the door without damaging it is always a top priority for a professional locksmith, it may not always be an option. At times, the lock is unpickable, or the problem can be resolved only by drilling it out. For example, it may have a faulty spring, or the lock itself has a fault. The only option is to drill it out, replace the cylinder, and get a new key. A professional locksmith is the best person to address the problem because he can handle all these aspects.

As a homeowner, you must do everything possible to prevent locking yourself out of your house. But accidents happen even with the most careful people, so you must know how to handle the situation. It is best to call a seasoned professional at the earliest because they can resolve the problem quickly and with minimal damage.

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