The summer season is in full swing, and you’re looking out to spend most of your time in the outdoors. The lively patio parties or under-the-tree romantic Tete-a-tetes play a massive role in making summer so awesome. 

But, you pick all your stuff up and head indoors right after the sun goes down. While people believe that you’re not a big fan of backyard relaxing in the evening, little do they know that your backyard has inefficient or nonexistent lighting.

Sounds embarrassing to tell your friends about your backyard’s little secret?

Well, you can decide to evolve from the shame by fixing the issue. Not all outdoor lighting is created the same and requires effort more than merely putting up wall lighting, some string lights, and calling your lawn a day. It is all about choosing the right kind of lighting fixtures for your backyard. 

And, why not?

You want an ambiance that’ll support your exotic music and barbeque sessions with friends. The Interior Design experts suggest experimenting with different types of lighting. Calculate the amount of lighting you need, the places that require fixtures, and much more. Follow some simple tips for an architecturally designed landscape. 

Can’t wait to know more? Stick on to embark upon a design, transformation, and enjoyment. Let’s get going:

  • Include the three types:

The experts recommend incorporating three types of lighting- ambient, task, and accent. 

Achieve ambient lighting by hanging lights, wall lights, and post lights. Task lighting has security lights, pathway lights, and a plus deck. The accent outdoor lighting, on the other hand, has spotlights and landscape kits. 

You can also use string lights, LED candles, and solar spotlights if you’re running household lighting errands that are low on budget. 

  • LED Garden Lights:

The LED lights have different types. There can be LED Ground spots and LED garden spikes. The LED garden lights help in beautifying your garden and enhancing accessibility, aesthetics, and nighttime safety. 

The outdoor lights feature helps in making them an ideal choice for appropriate outdoor use. The Philips Hue LED garden lights have been a popular choice amongst the masses. It is because of the world of benefits they provide. These are ideal for special occasions as they come with set convenience timers, installation-free dimming, easy installation, and extension. Also, these lights use high aluminum, superior synthetics, and are weather-proof. 

The LED lights come with sensors that activate on their own when the sun dawns. Another benefit of LED electrical lights is their safety. These lights have minimum chances of bringing injury to kids and adults. The ways of installing these outdoor lights are diverse and very creative. You can either lace them or fence along with submerged water pools and ponds. 

  • Path Lighting:

Path lighting is soft to moderately landscape lighting that assists in navigation walkways. These are attractive enough to highlight the backyard in the best manner. You have the ease of installing it on the ground along the main walkway sides- right from the back door to the fence door. These can be around the flower beds or fountain to emphasize the path lighting contours.

Available options for path lighting are solar LED and low-voltage ones consisting of decorative bulb housing units attached to a short stake. If you go in for low-voltage path lights, you’ll need a transformer to reap the energy-saving solar versions’ benefits. Also, the best thing is that it requires no extra wires. 

  • String Lighting:

The low-voltage and soft accent lighting for evoking a warm plus intimate ambiance is string lighting. These lights find maximum usage for entertainment. If you host outdoor dinners or are fond of illuminating patio furniture- string lighting is ideal for you. 

All you’ve to do is look for rechargeable, water-proof, and solar-powered or traditional battery-powered string lights. Always prefer the ones that have long-lasting LED bulbs. Yes, with these lights, you no longer will have to run extension cords across the yard and enable lighting, even in the farthest corners of the yard. You won’t need to install electrical outlets, and also, these lights stay safe from rain spattering. 

  • Consider Security:

Outdoor lighting not only works wonders for your garden ambiance but also secures your home. These ascertain that all your entry points are well lit. Fit these on the outside of your garage, install a single fixture, and mount a wall lantern on both sides of the garage doors. 

Do you have added security on your mind? You can use wall lanterns for illuminating the sides of the house into shadows that have spotlights on eaves. 

  • Outdoor Light Pollution:

Are you laying hands-on lighting installation in your home for the first time? Beware as you could be opening windows of unwanted light pollution, which eventually paves a path to indoor rooms. Too much light may wash out your view of the stars, create glare that may blind people temporarily, and waste money and energy. 

Some maxims are sure to help you avoid excess light pollution from your landscape lighting:

  1. Aim lights properly: Position the outdoor lights during the night and frequently check their position.
  2. Shield bulbs: Make use of fixtures with reflectors and shield well to concentrate on the light at the place where you want it. 
  3. Reduce wattage: The higher the wattage, the harsher the light will be. Thus, improve the aesthetics or increase the safety with low-wattage bulbs as they are enough to provide sufficient illumination.
  4. Take control of light: The separately zoned lights work only with controls, dimmers, timers, or motion sensors. The user can control the lights and dwell well on technology that turns on the lights only when you need these.

Final Walkthroughs:

If you still haven’t installed outdoor lights, now is the time to do so. Your backyard hosts all your special occasions, where friends toast glasses of success and family reminisce the precious memories. So, why dull its sparkle? Just stock high-quality outdoor lights and make an astounding yard- the one that people love. 

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