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In updating your home, there are some aspects that you should give treatments. However, when you can’t apply the right treatments, you can ruin your home decoration beauty. In case you don’t know yet about the aspect that should be updated, then you can start with the interior stuff like the wall or ceiling. Updating the wall won’t be that confusing since you can simply apply the wallpaper, repaint the wall with other colors, having the mural, or install some hanging wall ornament and arts. Just like the wall, you can apply the wallpaper to your ceiling. For a more adorable design, you can apply the sky scenery wallpaper to your ceiling. The other way to decorate your ceiling is by installing new lamp designs.


Besides the interior, you can also focus on the furniture. It is not about you have to change the furniture or buy the new furniture. Well, if you have the budget, you can have the new one, of course! However, if you want something cheaper, then you can simply do the furniture treatment. For example, you can repaint the furniture, giving the new pad for your chair, change the sofa cover, and anything that may possible to be applied to your old furniture. After that, add nature touches to your home can really bring a fresh atmosphere. That is why, if you don’t have it yet, provide it now!


You can update your bedroom decor by adding wall hangings. Making DIY macrame is an interesting idea so you can express your creativity. Then you can hang the macrame above your bed so that it will bring an interesting artistic touch to your bedroom. Adding Macrame from Apartmenttherapy.


Try to update your bedroom decor to make it look more beautiful and attractive. You can start from the wall by installing wallpaper at the top of your bed. Choosing flower wallpapers is the right idea to update a girl’s bedroom so that it will present a feminine look. Installing Wallpaper from Apartmenttherapy.


Carpet is one of the accessories that can enhance your home decor. Try to update your home decor by adding a carpet, so that it will provide natural warmth. Choosing a color block will bring a bright and beautiful look to your home decor. Color Block Carpet from Apartmenttherapy.


Using plants is one of the right ideas to update your home decor. You can use house plants to update your kitchen decor so that it will present a perfect natural feel. Placing a house plant in the kitchen window will present natural beauty and become the perfect window treatment. Adding House Plant from Apartmenttherapy.


To update your living room decor, try starting from the wall. You can abstract painting on one side of your living room wall using colorful watercolors so that it will present a more beautiful appearance. It will also be the perfect focal point in your living room with a stunning touch of art. Wall Painting from Apartmenttherapy.


If you have a large collection of Polaroid photos, you can use them to update your bedroom decor. You can stick your Polaroid photo on one side of the wall in your bedroom so that it will present a more attractive appearance and make your wall stand out more. Wall Decoration from Apartmenttherapy.


Updating furniture is one easy way to enhance your living room d├ęcor. You can update the sofa in your living room by adding a sofa cover. Then if you like the boho style, you can use a sofa cover with an intricate pattern so it will look perfect. Adding Sova Cover from Deavita.


Furniture is important for enhancing the decor of any living room or space in your home. It doesn’t have to be new, you can update the existing furniture in your house to make it look better. You can add a cover on your sofa and table so that it will look like new and look more elegant. White Furniture Cover from Deavita.


Try updating the furniture in your living room to enhance your decor so that it looks better. You can add a cover on your living room sofa to make it look like new and cleaner. Choose a patterned sofa cover with a combination of white and blue so that it will look brighter. Striped Sova Cover from Deavita.


The easiest way to improve your home decor is by updating your existing furniture. You can start from a chair, adding a pad to the chair is a simple way to update your furniture. So that it will provide perfect comfort in your dining room and look better. Chair Pad from Decoist.


If you have a used floor cupboard, don’t throw it away. You can update it by repainting it to enhance your home decor. Try adding a DIY draw flower pull made from a small plastic spoon to make it look nicer and more attractive. Repainting Furniture from Homebnc.


Try repainting your chair to update your home decor to make it look better. You can paint the chair in several colors with geometric patterns so that it will look more beautiful and attractive. Painted Chair from Homebnc.


Repainting furniture is one way to update your home decor. You can paint using two different colors so that it will present an attractive color block appearance. Color Block Furniture from Thecreativityexchange.


To improve your bedroom decor, try updating the furniture. You can paint the nightstand with a white and blue color combination so that it will look more beautiful and brighter. Then you can place it next to the bed so that it will become an attractive focal point in your bedroom. Striped Nightstand from Thecreativityexchange.


Adding a cover to the chair is one great way to enhance your decor. You can use a beige cover on your dining chair so it will look more beautiful and attractive. It will also present a classic and elegant look in your dining room so that it can inspire. Beige Cover Chair from Homedit.


To improve the decor of your dining room, try updating the furniture that is already there. You can start from the dining chair, adding a cover to the dining chair will make it look like new again. Choose a red chair cover so it will look brighter and will be the perfect focal point. Red Cover Chair from Homedit.


Try adding a cover to your dining chairs to enhance the decor of your dining room. The white chair cover will make your dining chair look better and look like new again. It also protects the dining chair from dust so it will look cleaner. White Cover Chair from Homedit.


Don’t throw away your used books! try to express your creativity with these used books. You can take some books and stick them on your wall to update your wall decor. So that he will present interesting visual arts in a very easy and cheap way. Wall Decoration from Countryliving.


If you have a collection of paintings in frames, you can use it to update your bedroom. All you have to do is put up a collection of paintings on the wall above the bed. So that it will make your walls look more prominent and less boring. Wall Galleries from Countryliving.


Take advantage of your used wicker baskets to update your home decor to make it look more attractive. You can use it to decorate your walls so they don’t look boring. Try to arrange the baskets on the wall neatly so that it will present its own attraction in your home decor. Wall Wicker Basket from Countryliving.


You can express your creativity at home to update your home decor to make it look more attractive. Try using thread and nails to update your bathroom walls to make them stand out more. Make the word “ WASH ” on the wall using threads and nails so that it looks creative and brings its own charm. DIY Wall Decor from Countryliving.


Updating furniture is an interesting idea to improve your home decor so it will look better. You can update the stool by placing a geometric wallpaper on the surface of your stool. So that it will make your stool look more beautiful and attractive with a stunning color block. Wallpaper Stool from Diyjoy.


In order for your home decor to look more attractive, try to update anything that can be updated. You can use wallpaper to update your home decor so that it will look more beautiful in an easy way. Try installing wallpaper on your stairs so that it will look more attractive and will become a focal point in your home. Stairs Wallpaper from Diyjoy.


You can update your child’s toy locker to make it look more beautiful and attract your children’s attention. Using a variety of wallpaper is an interesting idea, because it is very easy to do. You can install all kinds of wallpapers for each locker so that it will present a cheerful look that is loved by children. Toy Locker Wallpaper from Diyjoy.


Using wallpaper to update your children’s study room is an interesting idea. You can install Cityscapes wallpaper on the wall so that it will provide its own charm in your child’s study. Painting the chairs using a different color will also enhance the decor of your child’s study and look more perfect. Wallpaper Cityspaces from Diyjoy.

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