Your bathroom is an essential part of your home. Well, when you are exhausted and need some free time to ease the body tension, the bathroom is the ideal place to relax. Imagine standing under the warm shower or lying in a bathtub, water courting your fair skin and enjoying the fragrance from a potted plant. It feels heavenly, right? Yes, renovating your bathroom to your desired taste will add more than just color to your house and style to your home. Here are some doable ideas that you can implement to spruce up your bathroom. 

Add plants 

Plants in your bathroom have a way of brightening up moods. They will add some color and freshen the air. Plants that thrive in a typical bathroom environment do dig humidity and warmth, maintaining the temperature of your bathroom. Some of the ideal plants you can hang on your bathroom walls include spider plant, mother-in-law’s tongue, and aspidistra, etc. The plants are mostly affordable and are bound to do more in bringing your bathroom to life. Try them today and revolutionize how your bathroom looks and also smells. 

Use mirrors

You can use mirrors in homes for more than just looking at themselves while dressing. Strategically placed mirrors in your bathroom will help to visually expand the space in a room and bring in reflected light. Use a big mirror to enhance the light and the sense of space in your bathroom. Besides the impression of a more spacious bathroom that fits all your needs, selecting a mirror that will complement your décor style in your bathroom. Other reasons you should consider mirror in your bathroom include:

  • Mirrors add light to your bathroom: If your bathroom is dark, the mirrors will refract/reflect the available light and brighten up dark areas. 
  • Hides storage space: A mirror cabinet is the right choice for you if you have a small bathroom. The cabinet provides a lot of space for your toiletries. 
  • Helps with hygiene: A mirror in your bathroom will help you brush your teeth with ease. You will be able to see your teeth and anything stuck between your teeth, making it easy for you to clean your teeth. 

Obtain frameless shower enclosures 

There is no doubt that modern bathrooms take the best and most lively designs. You can invest in luxury frameless shower enclosures to help transform your bathroom. It isn’t just a simple way to prevent splashing of water on other objects around as you shower, it is also the best way to create a superb walk-in shower design. It is also relatively easy to clean; the frameless shower will even motivate you to clean your bathroom regularly. The glass used in the shower is also resistant to weathering, meaning it will last long. The beauty is that you can also customize it to your liking and get your preferred style and design!

Use a concealed toilet cistern. 

A concealed cistern is when the top tank part of the toilet is installed in the wall or behind a cabinet. Only the buttons are exposed on the tile wall but can often be hidden in a void. The concealed toilet cistern will give your bathroom a stylish look in the interior. Besides, you will get to save your space significantly and increase your bathroom size. The other key advantage of the concealed cistern is that it improves the hygiene of your bathroom. It will not harbor dust and bacteria in and underneath the cistern. 

Light your bathroom 

Lighting is one of the most important yet often overlooked components of a well-designed bathroom. Proper lighting in your bathroom will help in those daily tasks, such as applying makeup, shaving, and preparing for the day. The best bulbs for bathroom lighting are full-spectrum bulbs that offer maximum impact in a small package. It is easy to install in existing fixtures. 

The bulbs mimic natural light and help boost your mood and make you feel more awake and refreshed in the morning. Besides, low-voltage LED bulbs are another easy fix for dark bathrooms. They provide lots of light while simultaneously using less energy than other bulbs. The other common types of light that can be used in the bathroom include:

  • Task lighting: This is the kind of light by which you can best see yourself. Proper task lighting at the mirror is essential. Mount a pair of scones at eye level on either side of the mirror to provide shadowless illumination. 
  • Accent lighting: If you fancy art in your bathroom, then accent lighting will show it off best. Recessed directional lights will provide focused illumination for each piece of art. This will improve your experience in the bathroom. 

Brighten with paint 

You can transform your bathroom by adding a new color for the cost of just a couple of tins of paint. Having softer shades on walls can reflect light and create the illusion of space. Your bathroom will also remain in mint condition for a long. For example, bathroom paint is a molded guard formulated to resist steam and condensation. This means your walls look fresher for longer. Good painting in your bathroom will also reflect light in your bathroom and make the environment brighter. 

Stick on new tiles 

There are many reasons why you should have tiles in your bathroom. First, it is crucial to ensure that moisture resistance is maintained. Many bathrooms today are not designed to put up with moisture everywhere. Besides, there are harsher cleaners, modern shampoos, and soaps that can easily damage flooring, countertops, and walls.
You can get and install ceramic tiles; they are non-porous and can withstand the harshness of moisture. You can also use stone tiles in the bathroom but ensure to seal them to keep harsh chemicals from pitting or damaging the surface. 

Final Remarks:

Your bathroom is one of the most delicate and essential spaces in your house that requires thoughtful care. You need to clean the area regularly and ensure that all parts, including the taps and the toilet handles, are functional. It is easy to create a mood that will motivate you by sprucing it up. Well, follow some of the tips above and transform your bathroom!

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