5 ways of designing a minimalist bathroom that will invite the envy of others 2

Designing a minimalist bathroom can be a challenge for us. Not only we need to maximize the use of the space, but we also need to make it look prettier and comfortable. There are lots of things that you can do to solve this challenge by using a palette, accessories, or furniture. You can also transform your minimalist bathroom and make it look bigger by using some furniture. And today we will talk about 5 Ways Of Designing A Minimalist Bathroom That Will Invite The Envy Of Others.


1. Maximize the Layout

Minimalist bathroom’s problem is its space availability, therefore you need to look from a different angle. Look how Nelums use the space layout to create an amazing design. By using some decoration on the ceiling, Nelums able to highlight the height of the space. Moreover, the unique tile in this bathroom gives a huge impression on any guest.

2. Make Contrast

Adding contrast to the bathroom space will add interest and make a statement to the room. By using white tiles and blue vanity as the foundation, the designer of this bathroom successfully creates an amazing and unforgettable bathroom design.

3. Smart Storage

Bathrooms will always demand lots of storage, and if you’re lucky to have enough space then it will not become a problem. But if you not lucky and have a minimum space, then you can add a built-in ladder just like in this picture.

4. Standalone Tub

You have limited space but you want to make a statement piece? Try a standalone tub. Hibou  Design & Co not only gives you the answer, but this tub will make an older home look modern.

5. Use Natural Light

If you don’t have enough space, then bring the space outside inside. By creating a huge window, Julia Alexander Interiors are able to make the minimalist bathrooms look bigger with the help of the surrounding landscape.

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