Home renovations have been huge over the past 12 months. With nowhere to go and nowhere to spend their money, many homeowners took to upgrading their homes instead. Others tackled things themselves, with sales of DIY products soaring

Some opted for new kitchens, but this year the bathroom looks set for a makeover. But just how do you go about starting and completing a bathroom renovation? 

Planning, budgeting and design are all essential to creating a gorgeous bathroom. Here’s how you can create your dream bathroom and stay on budget. 

Setting your budget

First of all, you will want to set your budget from the get-go. Make an honest assessment of your finances before you start. Having a budget to work to will help you avoid spending more than you can afford. 

It will also help you make better choices down the line and avoid disappointment when it comes to ordering supplies you want such as tiles and fixtures.

Getting design inspiration

With so many bathroom designs on the market now, it can be tricky to decide on the one you love the most. Curate your ideas on a mood board (Pinterest is great for this), thinking about your personal style and your home as a whole while you do it.

You could decide to choose a bathroom design that harmonises with your house or go bold with a daring design that makes your heart sing.

Planning a practical space

All bathrooms serve a function, and this should be considered when planning (it will also save costly mistakes down the line). Make a list of everything you need to do in your bathroom first and prioritise these when planning your space.

List all the luxurious, self-care moments you want to have in your bathroom. You’ll then be able to decide which extras to add, or that you can afford. 

Curating a beautiful room

Once you’ve handled the practical matters, you can move on to aesthetic choices. Depending on how much your budget will stretch to, you could go as high-end and luxurious as you like. Try to prioritise beautiful and functional items first.

Then you can get to curating those final flourishes to bring your entire room together.

Saving some cash

When choosing the final materials for your bathroom, look for alternatives that give you the luxurious feel you want but don’t blow the budget. This could mean choosing cheaper fixtures that look similar or picking ceramic over stone tiles. 

Keeping one eye on costs throughout your bathroom renovation will help you enjoy the end result more. Finishing your project with money left over is a great feeling – and it can help to fund those essential bath products to celebrate a renovation well done.

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