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Having a tropical decoration style can bring such a fresh and welcoming atmosphere to your home. It will be a good choice to apply the design. However, when commonly you only have the decoration for your indoor, then it’s time for you to consider your exterior design. You can create an impressive outdoor look by having a tropical design. It could be applied to your porch, patio, or terrace. Give your concern not only to the wall or ceiling, but also the ornament, decoration accessories, and other additional things that can represent the style. Anyway, from all of that stuff, don’t forget to also provide the tropical plant touches that will strengthen your tropical impression.

Having an exterior makeover (aka an exterior renovation) is an important factor for newer homes looking to refresh their exterior design. Here are a few items you can refresh the front of the house: a new front door, white trim, french doors for the deck, new garage doors, a fresh coat of paint to those tired cedar siding planks, a new walkway, new roof shingles, and as simple as a new flower garden. 




Choosing to use a tropical theme for an exterior decoration idea is an interesting idea. You can use a sofa equipped with leaf cushions so that it will present a perfect tropical appearance. Then adding some house plants there will make your porch look fresh and natural. Tropical Porch from Architectureartdesigns.


To bring a fresh look to your exterior design, you can use a green ceiling on your porch. Complete it with a green leaf patterned chair so that it will give you a beautiful tropical appearance. Then you can add some house plants there so that it looks more perfect. Green Porch from Housebeautiful.


If you like a fresh feel to your exterior design, using a tropical theme for your porch decoration idea is an interesting idea. Adding tropical plants such as palms and others is one of the right ideas. Then you can also use planters with leaf motifs so that it will make your tropical theme even more real. Tropical Exterior Design Ideas from Digsdigs.


Applying green shades to your porch is the right idea to get a tropical exterior design. You can paint the walls and fences green so it will look fresh. Then adding a small palm tree in the corner of the porch will give it a natural tropical feel. Green Nuance from Digsdigs.


Wooden seats with green pads are the right choice to bring a fresh and tropical look to your exterior design. You can also use a sofa with a green leaf patterned cover to strengthen the tropical theme on your porch. The small palm tree in the corner of the porch will give you a natural feel that is very refreshing. Small Palm Tree at the Corner from Architectureartdesigns.


Bamboo chairs with green patterned pads are the right choice to complement your tropical porch décor. Then you can add tropical plants like palm trees on your porch so that it looks more perfect. Fresh and Tropical from Southernhospitalityblog.


The green ceiling and green tiles will give a fresh feel that is perfect for your porch so that it looks perfect. Then placing the small palm tree on your porch will give it a perfect tropical feel. Fresh and Tropical Porch from Southernliving.


Plants are one that can give a fresh feel to your exterior design. You can choose tropical plants to complement your exterior design such as banana leaves and other plants. Using woven bamboo chairs will also enhance your tropical decor so that it looks more complete. Tropical Plant from Ballarddesigns.


To bring a tropical look to your exterior decoration, try using a bamboo ceiling. Completing it with a boho carpet will give it an attractive appearance. Then add a wooden bench to create a comfortable fit on your porch. Bamboo Ceiling from Digsdigs.


Try to complement your exterior decoration with greenery so that it will present a natural and refreshing appearance. Hanging fern plants and placing other tropical plants on the patio will give you the perfect tropical feel. Adding a bamboo hanging chair will make your patio decoration more complete. Tropical Plants from Digsdigs.


To bring a tropical look to your exterior decoration, try adding tropical plants there. You can choose palm tree and banana leaves so that it will give the perfect freshness to your exterior Design. Palm Tree and Banana Leaves from Digsdigs.


Completing the interior design with a tropical touch will give you a fresh feel so that it feels more comfortable. You can use the green seats that are equipped with tropical cushions so that it will look perfect. Some of the tropical plants there will naturally add freshness to your exterior design. Green Bench and Tropical Cushion from Digsdigs.


Choosing to use a sofa to complement your exterior decoration is an interesting idea. Then you can complete it with tropical cushions so that it will look more perfect. A green leaf patterned coffee table will present a perfect tropical look. Tropical Exterior Design from Digsdigs.


A green fence is the right choice for your tropical exterior decoration ideas so that it looks fresh. The pink sofa will bring a beautiful look to your terrace. Then you can supplement it with tropical plants so that it will present a perfect natural appearance. Tropical Terrace Decor from Digsdigs.


The sofa which is equipped with leaf cushions will provide the perfect comfort on your patio. It will also give you a refreshing tropical look. Also complement it with tropical plants such as banana leaves, monstered and other plants so that it looks very fresh. Tropical Plant and Leaves Cushions from Digsdigs.


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